Brutal Attack On Asian Woman. National Media Silent

Another day another hate crime ignored by mass media because it doesn’t fit their agenda. This time it involves a brutal attack by a teenage male on an older Asian woman less than half his size. The attack which was being filmed by one of the perps shows a group of black teens taunting the woman at a bus stop when one of them gets a running start and then kicks her in the face violently knocking her down. The group of black teens then jog away laughing.


Despite the violent nature of this attack as well as alarm bells being sounded that attacks on Asians have dramatically increased during the cornona outbreak, I have not seen anyone denouncing this hate crime on any of the talking head news outlets. On the other hand, I can only imagine the coverage had this been a group of white teens. That leads me to wonder if this could this be another case of narrative protection / agenda promotion like that of the alarm bells being sounded about the rising number of anti Semitic attacks in New York while covering up the fact that perps in these attacks were predominately non whites. Why don’t they report the facts while reporting on these things? I’ll tell you why- The left hates facts because facts do not support their agenda and it destroys their narrative.

By ignoring these stories and ignoring facts all the while exploiting stories about a smirking kid in a MAGA hat or numerous other fake hate crimes, mass media is setting a distorted and dishonest representation of what America is. In reality, by purposely distorting the stats of hate crimes, they are doing more to fuel division and racism then they are trying to end it. It is deception and purposeful divisiveness, and it is malicious. This agenda needs to be challenged.

Back to the original story, an online article reported that two 15 year olds and a 14 year old were arrested, but other than a couple online articles and reports on independent news outlets this story has gone unmentioned. Their is also no mention of whether these teens will be charged with a hate crime. The report says that the case will be presented to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office in Minnesota. They need to be contacted to ensure that they are charged with a hate crime.

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