Bernie Sanders Worries About Trump Supporters Getting Corona, POC Not So Much

Like many on the left who are supporting people going out to protest while saying the week before that people need to stay home so that they don’t spread corona and kill Grandma, who are now back to demanding people stay home because Trump has announced he will start political rallies, Bernie Sanders has tweeted that we all are basically going to die because of these rallies.

As is the mantra of the left- “Believe Science!“, the aging communist has of course invoked this into his tweet. What’s odd however, and is the hypocrisy that has been glaringly apparent this past month, is that there is no mention of the poc and fellow communists out protesting and rioting for George Floyd. Science doesn’t take a break just because it morally agrees with someone’s cause. Does he not care about these people and their Grandma’s dying? Or is there an agenda going on?

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