George Washington Statue Torn Down, American Flag Burned

When they started tearing down Confederate Statues a few years ago, many people who knew the anti American agenda of the radical left warned that they weren’t going stop there. These past few weeks specifically have brought these warnings to fruition as any statue relating to America’s founding fathers have been targeted. To further put the dot on the exclamation point, a statue of George Washington was not only torn down in Portland last night but an American flag was set on fire and burned on it.

What some people still fail to understand about these protests is that they are not about George Floyd. The BLM cause has been hijacked by the radical / anarchist left to suit their own agenda- which is the destruction of America. It’s been the m.o. since the early 50’s when the communists divided people up into different classes and groups and used them to attack the system. You see it in many of the protests today where the majority of people starting the riots are not black but white antifa members. The black community is waking up to this as many on twitter have been pointing out that white antifa are the ones starting riots, but sadly they do not see the bigger agenda. They need to realize they are being used as pawns not only by the radical left but by the modern day democrat party who have adopted the same m.o. to keep them oppressed in order to pander for their votes.

As always, the radical left is using emotion to manipulate others for their agenda. That agenda has led to the deaths of over 100 million people throughout the last 100 years. No matter what color you are or how bad you think you’re oppressed, the alternative these people are trying to bring into fruition will be guaranteed to show you true oppression and death.

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