Juneteenth & Father’s Day Weekend: Mass Shooting In N.C. & 100 Shot In Chicago

A mass shooting in North Carolina and over 100 shot in Chicago, that’s not what you’d expect during a Juneteenth / BLM / Father’s Day weekend but that’s what we got.

In Charlotte, North Carolina it’s being reported that 9 people were shot leaving 2 dead, and 5 were people hit by cars Sunday night. This comes after a weekend long block party in which hundreds of people showed up. Police aren’t sure what led up to the shooting but they say several people were involved and fired over 100 rounds.

In Chicago over this Juneteenth / Father’s Day weekend, a year to date weekend record of 104 were reportedly shot. This weekend of violence left 14 dead including 4 teens and a 3 year old boy.

Violence across the country in general in black communities has seen an uptick since the George Floyd / BLM protests, but they’ll keep gaslighting you and telling you conspiracy theories about racist cops while pulling down statues. This is not the way you get support from the public. This is how you create division and turn people off, and it is why regular everyday Americans black and white laugh in disgust at you.

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