Officer Karen & Mass Media’s Double Standards

To start with, yes I know mass media exposes their double standards daily, but that just makes for easy content for us, and as you know we love to point those double standards out.

This post is in relation to the story about the Georgia police woman who claimed that a McDonald’s employee withheld her order. The officer, obviously upset with the anti police harassment and attacks across the country recorded a tearful video after not only being made to wait for over 10 minutes for her breakfast meal but then being delivered only a coffee when it finally came.

The reactions to a woman visibly upset and crying over perceived harassment and discrimination were not what you’d expect however from the “party of women”. In fact the video was met with laughter with many making fun of her, calling her Officer Karen etc. When it came to mass media, a lot of outlets actually rejected her story and this is where the double standard comes in. Had this been a woman of color who made this video claiming she was discriminated against because she was black it wouldn’t even be questioned by mass media. They would be up in arms demanding people be fired and it would be the racism story of the day on every channel. As always their agenda is exposed.

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