Another Death In Jenny Durkan’s Lawless Seattle

As you know, the city of Seattle has been a hot spot for the radical left’s Marxist revolution occurring nationwide. As with all radical left revolutions, they do not come without death. The former country of CHAZ / CHOP which was established after police were told to stand down and rioters were allowed to take over a 6 block radius of Durkan’s city had several murders take place in it’s short lived history. Ironically, those that were killed in the BLM sanctuary country were black. The investigation still surrounds the last case where a 14 year old and a 16 year old were shot in their vehicle execution style by CHOP’s own revolutionary guard. Instead of protests taking place in CHOP denouncing the shooting of two black teens by the police, they were calling it a victory against fascism. These murders as well as numerous stories of rapes, assaults, thefts and more was described by Mayor Durkan as a “Summer Of Love”.

The latest death that has occurred in her city of lawlessness is that of a 24 year old non binary named Summer Taylor. Taylor was walking on the highway blocking traffic at 1:40 in the morning with a bigger group of people when a car sped by them hitting Taylor and another victim. Taylor succumbed to her injuries while the second victim remains in critical condition. This was immediately being called a racist attack modeled after Charlottesville, but as it turned out the driver was a black man and the investigation is ongoing. I’m curious as to how they are going to frame two white women being hit by a black man to fit their narrative about white racism.

Mayor Durkan as well as the state governor were repeatedly offered federal assistance by President Trump to help bring back law and order but both told him to mind his own business. Now, just like every other democrat run city where the revolution is taking place, the blood is on their hands. What’s even funnier is that Mayor Durkan is now in a political battle with the same radical left she is protecting.

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