Another Mass Shooting In Democrat Run Baltimore. Apologists Blame It On A Dice Game

Yes this headline has been used several times on this site in one form or other. In fact, when it comes to mass shootings in democrat run Baltimore, this is at least the tenth one in the last year. You can browse through our previous posts documenting them here.

The latest mass shooting happened on Greenmount Avenue where 5 people ranging in age from 16 to 53 were shot. It’s reported that the group had been gathered together playing dice when an unidentified individual in a vehicle pulled up and open fired at them. One victim was hit in the shoulder, another in the foot and leg with other’s being more serious in neck, head and chest. There was no immediate info on their conditions but homicide detectives were brought in to help with the investigation. As usual, the local mass media and leftist apologists are making excuses and blaming dice games for the violence. A quick google search with the words- “dice game violence Baltimore” will bring up many articles attempting to shift the blame from the city’s failed leadership to blaming dice games. Just to break down this absurdity-

  • Create story about how Baltimore violence is linked to dice games and say something needs to be done.
  • Dice games / gambling is already illegal.
  • Prior to the Freddie Gray riots and consent decree, Baltimore Police enforced the law and charged people they found engaging in illegal gambling games.
  • After Freddie Gray riots the DOJ reported that Baltimore Police were over emphasizing enforcement and were told not to enforce the illegal gambling laws.
  • Several years later the left makes more demands to restrict policing in Baltimore.
  • Violence breaks out at dice game leaving several shot. Outrage ensues with demands that something needs to be done.

So again you see the absurd circle of logic that exists in democrat run cities. The fact that just because violence has occurred surrounding dice games, the dice games are not the problem. It’s no different than the left blaming guns for murders. As Baltimore has some rather strict gun laws, this shows that banning things, whether it’s dice games, drugs or guns shows that banning things does not make them go away. To blame this last mass shooting on a dice game without addressing the culture of violence that exists in these communities shows the disingenuous attitude of those who pretend to care. The root cause is in a culture that does not value life. Just to emphasize this even more, this “mass shooting caused by a dice game” wasn’t the only shooting that occurred, instead it came during a particularly violent week in Baltimore. A tweet sent out by the Baltimore City FOP stated that: “In the last 10 days there have been 19 homicides & 43 failed murders (shootings) in Baltimore. Also there have been many stabbings/cuttings. There is no discernible crime plan for the daily violence and the BPD is making no progress in filling the 500 vacancies. #CityinCrisis “.

There can be no doubt that the current cycle of violence, the break down of the schools and education process, the economic crisis and so on all stem from the last 50+ years of democrat rule. There is however a very active large contingent of Republicans running for office up and down the ballot this year and the people of Baltimore have a real chance this election cycle to make changes in how this city is run. The question is- Will the people of Baltimore continue to be fooled by the identity politics of the democrat party, or will they vote with their conscience for what they know will be a change from the status quo?

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