The Culture Is Shifting: More Prominent Black Americans Calling Out The Democrat Plantation.

Yes, The Culture Is Shifting, and the establishment is freaking out. You know it when you see the establishment– mass media, Hollywood, musicians, social media outlets, etc., all unleashing their fury on someone. This morning on the Yahoo home page at the top of the headline news list there were 3 different articles all attacking rapper Ice Cube. What did he do? Did he release another song talking about killing white people? Killing cops? Killing other black people? Writing anti Semitic or anti gay lyrics? Promoting drug use to the black community? No, none of that. He worked with the Trump administration on a plan to help black Americans.

Now, you’d think that helping to develop a plan that would help black Americans would be praised, but that’s not the case, because the establishment / democrats can’t hold on to power like that. Once again, their game is to give you just enough to get by while blaming Republicans for you not having more, and thus they keep promising you more if you vote for them and keep them in power. But they don’t care about you, they care about power, and that is becoming more and more obvious to people as you see from this Culture Shift.

It should be noted that Ice Cube is not even endorsing President Trump for re-election. He certainly did not even go as far as Kanye did when he was attacked by the establishment. On top of that he even states that he does not trust the political power structure. So what’s all the fuss? He casts doubt on democrats true intentions, and they can’t have someone with that much influence dropping red pills, because once they start more and more people get woke.

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