De’Andre Brown Arrested For Fourth Of July Mass Shooting In Atlanta. National Media Silent

It was another mass shooting that curiously did not receive much attention from the talking heads in mass media. This one occurred when a large crowd was gathered watching fireworks during a street party in the early morning hours in Atlanta. It’s also reported that people were street racing, and at around 2 am on July 5th a pedestrian was struck by a car which led to an argument which then quickly led to gunfire. By the time it was over 14 people were shot leaving 2 dead. De’Andre Brown was caught and arrested 2 months later after being stopped for street racing.

The fact that this mass shooting happened during the July 4th national holiday weekend made it even more curious as to why this never got much attention. The only thing I can figure is that like these stories, it did not fit their narrative. This wasn’t however the only shoting that occurred in Atlanta over the July 4th weekend. It’s reported that there were 11 different shootings with 31 injured and 5 dead. Tragically one of those victims was 8 year old Secoriea Turner. Secoriea was killed riding in the backseat of a car after it exited the highway and a group of people standing in front of a parking lot open fired on it.

While mass media and the the race hustlers continue to bring up Charlottesville, while they continuously demand that Trump denounce White supremacy (which he continuously does), and while they continue to distort facts in place of a narrative and use emotion over reality, Leonydus Johnson has compiled a list of 62 children that have been killed by gun violence so far this year. In Philadelphia alone, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported back in August that 100 kids have been shot in that city alone. You can bet that number has gone up since then.

Once again, it’s curious why mass media and the race hustlers never address the everyday crime in democrat run inner cities. Could it be that they don’t really care? That they are just trying to push an agenda to gain power? Did you ever think that maybe they’re just using you?

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