The Violent Left: Douglas Kuhn Arrested For Allegedly Firing Gun At Trump Supporters

Another day another unhinged outburst from The Violent Left. Today’s story comes from Kingsville, Maryland where 50 year old registered democrat Douglas Kuhn was arrested for allegedly firing a shotgun at a truck flying Trump flags. The report states that Kuhn was in his front yard putting up BLM and Biden signs when a truck with Pro Trump and Thin Blue Line flags drove by and honked. At that time Kuhn allegedly raised a shotgun that he had with him and fired it towards the truck. Fortunately the shot missed and no one was injured. A neighbor disputed the account that a shot was fired asking how Kuhn would have missed if he fired a shotgun directly at them. Neil Houck, the man driving the truck replied “Because he’s a democrat”. Houck’s son Bradley Lang who is a member of the Baltimore County Republican Party and was with him at the time has an account of the incident on his facebook here.

While mass media tries to gaslight you about “racist Trump supporters”, we’ve witnessed the complete unraveling of the left the last 4 years. The temper tantrums, the burning down of cities, and the violence needs to end, yet democrats continue to refuse to disavow their own. No matter which way these elections go, make sure you’re prepared for the worst. If Trump wins you can expect mass riots in protest. If Biden wins you can expect riots to expand into suburban / conservative areas to continue to force their communist agenda on you. The difference is, under one administration there won’t be anyone to defend you. Make sure you to get out and vote.

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