2 Weeks To Slow The Spread…

Fifteen days to slow the spread, I believe that’s how it started. So much has happened since then it’s hard to remember, but what I do know is that going into this 8th month of lockdowns and restrictions was never part of the original deal. There’s been lots of speculation as to whether these lockdowns are being used as a political tool to hurt Trump’s chances of re-election or if they are legitimately being used to “slow the spread”. The latter seems less ingenuous when you look at the fact that is mostly Democrat run areas who have the strictest lockdowns and restrictions yet they are completely ignoring people protesting and gathering in the streets in large numbers. You would think that with all the complaints about how black Americans are more susceptible to coronavirus that they would be more adamant that these super spreader large gatherings not take place, but not only do they not speak out against them they refuse to do anything when some of them turn into actual riots. Democrat-run cities truly are a public health crisis.

Aside from that, the tweet below demonstrates how they keep moving the goal post as many democrat politicians, governors and media pundits now seem to have become anti vaxxers. You saw it with hydroxychloroquine when many media pundits came out against it and democrat-run states refused to allow it to be used even though it had proven results in some cases. Now you see it from them with the announcement that a vaccine is being created and is said to be ready by the year’s end. Among them all, most recently California’s governor- Governor Newsom has said that he will withhold any kind of vaccine from the citizenry until he can independently have it tested. My question is- if he is with holding a vaccine for sick people will he be held responsible if they die in the meantime?

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