Lesley Stahl Discredits Herself & Media In 60 Minutes Interview With President Trump

President Trump has released the uncut footage from his interview with Lesley Stahl / 60 Minutes. He did so preemptively because as you know, these interviews are cut and chopped and there is plenty in it that could be manipulated to fit the media’s narrative. Her demeanor in it is to be expected as it’s no different that of any other establishment personality– combative and hostile. What I found most interesting was the obvious gaslighting on behalf of Lesley Stahl. With her saying that she and the media do not discredit themselves while at the same time saying things like- ‘There’s no scandal involving Joe Biden, There was no spying on your campaign, The Hunter Biden laptop can’t be verified’, she has in fact completely discredited herself and mass media. Aside from that, while she continuously pressed President Trump on wearing a mask and why he doesn’t demand that people do it, he has released a video of her surrounded by several people while she herself is not wearing a mask or properly socially distancing. You can watch that interview here. You can also bet that the network was expecting high ratings for this hostile interview, but by pre releasing the uncut footage I’m sure those ratings will be rather low now. Well played Mr. President. I still think I’ll check it out just to see what they cut and how they manipulate the footage. It would be a good lesson in how media manipulates you.

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