Trump 2024?

There’s been quite a few people talking about Trump conceeding this election and running again in 2024. Don’t fall for it. These are the never Trumpers just trying to get him out of the way. This needs to be fought now. If he is not back in to straighten it out now they’ll just entrench themselves even further over the next 4 years and it will be rigged again even worse in 2024. If they get away with this now, any low energy republican that thinks they will be safe in any election going forward is a fool. Why would they cut a deal with you to keep you in Senate, Congress etc and take a chance when they can just put their own candidates in that they know will do their bidding? There’s a saying that goes- “When Republicans are elected they take office. When Democrats are elected they take power.” That can be followed up with another one- “Republicans are just there to gradually cede ground to the left”, and that is really the gist of it. It’s long past time that Republicans start playing by their rules.

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