YouTube Suspends And Demonetizes One America News Network

In the latest attack on freedom of the press after twitter suspended The New York Post, One America News has said that youtube has suspended and demonitised their channel. The suspension has come about because they were airing Covid stories that were not in line with the official state propaganda. The CCP would be proud. Orwell not so much.

This is nothing new however. We’ve been reporting on it for the last few years. We warned that the excuse they used in the beginning to allow people to accept it- that it is only white supremacists who are being banned, was a lie. You should know that they never stop moving the goal posts. Now they have moved to legitimate news outlets as well as politicians.

The left has resorted to totalitarian tactics to censor and de-platform people and news outlets to protect their narrative. The only thing they had to be able to hold on to power and create the matrix was control of the media, but in this internet age where everyone has an equal voice their matrix has been exposed and is falling apart. They are scared and have resorted to totalitarian censorship and financial terrorism to silence those who fight against them in the culture war. These dystopian tactics need to be legally challenged and fought against. 

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