Senator In New York Writes Bill Allowing Governor To Detain Anyone He Wants In A Health Emergency

Senator in New York creates bill to allow the Governor to detain anyone or group of people who IN HIS OPINION could spread a communicable disease in a “health emergency”. Also if I’m reading right it says you can be detained up to 60 days without a court order. Bill here:

Despite the elite openly talking about such things for years, checkpoints, passports, forced vaccinations, unlawful detentions, etc., they were all called conspiracy theories by those who were sounding the alarms. Now in this age of corona they seem to have the prerequisite to begin phasing a lot of these things in. The problem is that so many people are scared and are convinced it’s for their safety so they unwittingly support it. This is how psyops work. As a related side note: look up The Great Reset and it’s Agenda 21 precursor.

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