Pelosi’s Impeachment Narrative About Trump “Inciting A Riot” Debunked. FBI Says They Had Prior Warning Of Violence

In an effort to unify the country, Pelosi and the democrats have voted once again to impeach a President that half of America supports. Even though specifically asking for a peaceful and patriotic protest, this time they say it was because he incited the riot that took place at the Capitol last week. That conspiracy theory has been debunked however as the FBI says they had prior warning that people were coming to commit violence. Despite mass media trying to control the narrative by censoring any kind of discussion on any of this, there is still speculation as to who was actually involved and how the riots were started. My previous take on it here. In their quest for complete power and a one party system, Democrats and the media need to keep pushing the Trump supporter narrative to allow them justification in destroying their political opposition socially, financially and politically. These people don’t care about your Constitutional rights and they don’t want to coexist. Every legal outlet needs to be exhausted to fight their totalitarianism.

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