The Violent Left: Daniel Alan Baker Arrested For Allegedly Planning Armed Attack On Trump Supporters

Despite a questionable attack by “Trump supporters“ at the U.S. Capitol this past week, The Violent Left has been consistent with their riots, vandalism, and violent attacks over the last 4 years. The latest comes with the arrest of U.S. Army combat veteran Daniel Alan Baker. According to a Federal complaint, Baker “issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protesters gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday,

The complaint also states that Baker has previously traveled the U.S. and participated in protests which have become violent including in the CHOP / CHAZ Summer Of Love Zone in which there were several murders. You can read the full complaint here. What’s also interesting is how many of these Violent Leftists are celebritized by mass media. It’s almost like they are working in collusion.

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