Trump Supporters Riot In Major Cities After Biden Inauguration!

Just kidding, it was antifa again, and national media is silent, again.

Projection, psyops, double standards, fake news, false narratives, and more… these things make up the left’s modus operandi the last 4 years. While continuously ignoring the very real instances of violence from the left including the summer of love that resulted in major cities being burned down, dozens of people dead and the destruction of black communities and businesses in them, they at the same time continuously promote the idea that Trump supporters and “F*cking White Males!” are the biggest threat to America. This narrative obviously is not going to change anytime soon as the antifa riots in major U.S. cities yesterday (the day of Biden’s inauguration that unified America) were completely blacked out by mass media. Related podcast here.


Democrat Party Of Oregon Headquarters attacked. Fuck Biden spraypainted on it. Complete thread here

Antifa burns an American Flag & Joe Biden Flag

Colorado: Antifa Burn American Flags, Attack Peaceful Protestors & Hold Sign Saying No Honeymoon For Biden

Seattle: Antifa Burn American Flags & Destroy Stores

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