Mass Media Ignores Another Incoherent Biden Statement. Says 600 Million Vaccines Will Vaccinate 300 Americans

Biden: We’re ordering 200 million vaccines, that’ll be a 50% increase from 400 million to 600 million, and that will be enough to vaccinate 300 Americans. Watch the video here, it speaks for itself. It also speaks to the state of mass media who have completely ignored Biden’s incoherent rambling and have just gone on to report it as if it didn’t even happen- Headlines today on this press conference only saying “Biden will deliver 300 milion doses”.

Had this been Trump, they’d be screaming about the 25th amendment. Like I said before, the state run media is already in place, they were just waiting for their great leader. Biden is not that great leader however, he’s just a temporary place holder for the real string pullers that they are playing lip service to.

Make no mistake, they’ll eventually get to the 25th amendment for Biden, they know he’s a senile old racist “f*cking white male!”, but not until they’ve used him up for everything they need first.

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