Newsmax Engages In Cancel Culture. Joins Twitter & You Tube In Censoring Mike Lindell

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell recently had his commentary cut short after appearing on Newsmax to talk about being kicked off of twitter. As he was explaining why he was kicked off he brought up his posting of election fraud claims. This triggered the host as he immediately interrupted him and went on a rant about how their station had found no claims of election fraud. Ultimately he walked off the set. I understand if this guy doesn’t want to promote claims of election fraud himself, but to shut down a guest for his opinion is a cuck move and he is now just as complicit in cancel culture as the leftists his station rails against. That in itself is the irony of this entire interview- Lindell was invited on to talk about cancel culture, then the host cancels him for his opinion. I hope Newsmax fires him. Watch the video here

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