The Violent Left: Will Wilkinson (NYT Opinion Writer) Says Unity Can Be Achieved By Biden Lynching Mike Pence

Will Wilkinson, a contributing opinion writer at the New York Times has proven once again what “unity” means to the left. In a now deleted tweet he states that “If Biden really wanted unity, he’d lynch Mike Pence“. It’s not clear what his status is with the NYT as they still list his articles on their site, but he has been fired from his position as VP at the Niskanen Center. At one time I’d defend his right to say what he wanted, but in today’s hyper active cancel culture pushed by the left, it’s great to see them being subjected to the same fate that they perpetrate with it. They opened this Pandora’s Box and you should have no sympathy when it comes back to bite them. As of right now, and until they apologize for the division they are creating, it’s evident that they do not want to coexist.

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