The Violent Left: White House Deputy Press Secretary Suspended For Allegedly Threatening Journalist

More tales from The Violent Left. It’s being reported that Biden’s deputy press secretary T.J. Ducklo has been suspended for a week without pay for threatening a journalist who was investigating his relationship with another reporter. This comes as no surprise as the left has shown a propensity to attack journalists whose reporting go against their interests. What’s even more disturbing is that as someone who is supposed to be a liaison to journalists, he was only given a slap in the wrist for threatening one.

It’s unclear why he was only given a weeks suspension when on the day of the staff being sworn in Biden said “I’m not joking when I say this: If you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I will fire you on the spot, No ifs, ands or buts.” The lack of follow through lends further credence to the idea that Biden is just a puppet who has no control over the real string pullers who surround him in a chaotic administration, all of whom are vying for their own interests. Then again who knows, maybe they’ll circle back to it 🙄

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