Fighting Cancel Culture: Dershowitz Offers Pro Bono Services, Carano Announces New Film Deal & More

One of the most effective ways the left has pushed fascism on this country is to employ financial terrorism against those whose views they disagree with. This is better known as cancel culture- the act of getting people fired or removed from jobs and positions of influence where they lose the ability to provide a living for themselves and their family. As I’ve been documenting and speaking out against the last several years, this is not just simply limited to being doxxed by mass media or internet social justice warriors who then have people barrage your place of employment with harassing phone calls, but it also extends into corporate America with banks, credit card companies, and website hosts shutting down their services to your company. On an individual level this has effectively silenced many people from voicing their opinions online, and on a business level it has shut down your right as a consumer to purchase books or other items that your corporate overlords do not want you to read.

What’s funny about this however is that the left always eat their own. While not being as prominent as of yet as it is on the right, the perpetual victim mentality of the snowflakes on the left has led to some some pretty high profile actors and actresses etc on their side also being taken down by cancel culture. Unlike others who say we shouldn’t play their game and should take the high road, I have no sympathy for those who participate in cancel culture or refuse to speak against it and then become victim to it. On our side, the refusal of Republican lawmakers to do anything about big tech’s mass censorship until it started affecting them is one such example. Will I continue to speak out against it? Yes. Do I care that leftists or people who refuse to speak out about cancel culture are getting cancelled? No.

There does however seem to be a culture shift going on. Like everything the left pushes, they just can’t show restraint and keep pushing. Cancel culture is now running itself off the cliff. Several recent stories of a pushback include the high profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz who says he will offer pro bono services to lawyers targeted for defending victims of cancel culture. Another one comes from Gina Carano after she was fired from her role in the Mandalorian movies after correctly called out the fascist left for their nazi like totalitarianism. Carano has announced that she will be teaming up with The Daily Wire and producer Dallas Sonnier to create and produce her own film. The drummer for System Of A Down, John Dolmayan has spoken up and come out in her defense on instagram saying “It takes a lot of guts to put your career on the line for your convictions. History will honor people like @ginajcarano and condemn the cowards who instituted woke justice against her.”

Last month we posted that Senator Josh Hawley had his book deal cancelled by Simon & Schuster ironically titled The Tyranny Of Big Tech. It’s since been announced that Regenery Publishing has picked up the deal with Regenery President Thomas Spence saying: “It’s discouraging to see them cower before the ‘woke mob,’ as Senator Hawley correctly calls it. Regnery is proud to stand in the breach with him. And the warning in his book about censorship obviously couldn’t be more urgent.” He is absolutely right. I stressed the importance of working outside of the matrix they created in my past podcast here discussing the totalitarian left’s monopoly in society, how it’s used to promote an anti-American agenda, and how they hold on to that monopoly by cutting off those who fight against them in this culture war. Remember, the left does not care about your constitution and they do not want to coexist. All they want is compliance and they’ll use whatever means necessary to force you into compliance. In a sense, when it comes to the left’s corporate strangle hold we need to “go off the grid”, to stop supporting their system. For example, if you don’t like Disney firing Carano over her calling out cancel culture end your subscription to any services you have. If a brand name food product is using your money to support cancel culture or leftist policies that you don’t agree with don’t give them your money. Buy a suitable alternative, or better yet buy local. Buy books from Regenery instead of Amazon. I’m going to expand on this more in an upcoming podcast but for now you get the idea. At the same time we need to use whatever legal means necessary to not only fight against the left’s totalitarianism, but to support those who are creating an alternative. #Resist

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