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The Culture Is Shifting: More Prominent Black Americans Calling Out The Democrat Plantation.

Yes, The Culture Is Shifting, and the establishment is freaking out. You know it when you see the establishment– mass media, Hollywood, musicians, social media outlets, etc., all unleashing their fury on someone. This morning on the Yahoo home page at the top of the headline news list there were 3 different articles all attacking rapper Ice Cube. What did he do? Did he release another song talking about killing white people? Killing cops? Killing other black people? Writing anti Semitic or anti gay lyrics? Promoting drug use to the black community? No, none of that. He worked with the Trump administration on a plan to help black Americans.

Now, you’d think that helping to develop a plan that would help black Americans would be praised, but that’s not the case, because the establishment / democrats can’t hold on to power like that. Once again, their game is to give you just enough to get by while blaming Republicans for you not having more, and thus they keep promising you more if you vote for them and keep them in power. But they don’t care about you, they care about power, and that is becoming more and more obvious to people as you see from this Culture Shift.

It should be noted that Ice Cube is not even endorsing President Trump for re-election. He certainly did not even go as far as Kanye did when he was attacked by the establishment. On top of that he even states that he does not trust the political power structure. So what’s all the fuss? He casts doubt on democrats true intentions, and they can’t have someone with that much influence dropping red pills, because once they start more and more people get woke.

John Lennon`s Son Says The Politically Correct Left Is Pathetic

Sean Ono Lennon, the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono has denounced the current state of politics of the left, calling it pathetic and embarrassing in reply to a commenter as shown below. In another comment, a user named Sparrow writes that “Left Wing intellectuals are the only thing keeping us from world-wide insanity right now.” to which he replies “You’re very sweet Sparrow but I think you need to challenge your fundemental assumption and stretch your intellect. I believe in a few years you’ll be surprised at what you once took for granted as ‘true.’ Read Camille Paglia. Read Matt Ridley. Read Thomas Sowell. Read Chomsky.

It`s pretty telling when such an iconic figure slams the state of what has become of a movement his father helped create.

Maryland Death Fest Is Really A Maryland Snowflake Fest

Maryland Death Fest, or MDF as it`s called, is an annual Memorial Day weekend concert / fest bringing in death, black, and thrash metal bands from around the world. I had gone to several shows in the past when they were outside in the Edison lot, but since they cancelled that and moved solely to the inside venue I have not been back. After seeing the post below, I am glad I have not wasted any more money supporting this event. The screenshot is allegedly from a paying customer who went to the pre show at the Ottobar and says they were thrown out because a security guard was triggered by one of their patches. It looks like Maryland Death Fest is really a Maryland Snowflake Fest. I hope none of you are going to MDF and supporting this pussification of the metal scene. Furthermore, any bands that support this assjackery should lose your support as well. The question is- What should MDF be called from now on? I kind of like Maryland Douche Fest.

Edited: A more in depth article has been posted here

Cardi B. Vs Bill Cosby

An old interview with rapper Cardi B. has made the rounds again in which she talks about her life as a stripper. In the interview she admits to meeting men, taking them to a hotel for sex and then drugging and robbing them because she didn`t many options in life and needed to survive. As predictable in this era of #MeToo and the fake moral high ground the left pretends to stand on, there are many on the left who are defending her actions. It`s also been announced that she will make her film debut in an upcoming movie where ex strippers get over on Wall Street clients. Of course this is “empowerment”. The reality is, is that what she did was essentially no different than what Bill Cosby was accused of sent to jail for.

One thing we will agree with is that her defenders point out that male rappers are glorified when they talk about their past acting as pimps, robbing and shooting people, selling drugs etc. While we don`t think this is any reason to justify her actions, it points out the destructive culture that is glorified in rap music. That is the culture that communities need to shift away from.

Mike Ness Punches Fan Who Disagrees With His Politics

Mike Ness recently jumped off stage and attacked a concertgoer for disagreeing with his anti Trump rant. He has officially joined the ranks with other establishment artists like green day, eminem and snoop dog. The music industry has long portrayed an image that punk rock is anti establishment, however the left owns the music industry, hollywood as well as mass media. They are the establishment. These artists are being used to push their agenda. Punk rock is nothing more than establishment disguised as rebellion.

‘Yo Gotti: Product Of Public Schooling’ Billboard Removed Less Than 24 Hours

For some reason, Shelby County schools felt that using gangster rapper Yo Gotti on a billboard to promote the benefits of public schooling was a good idea. As stated by The People Of Memphis facebook page, here are some of his song titles

Toss That B****
Sell My Dope
U A Gangsta Rite?
I’m A Thug
Blow Your A** Off
Cocaine Muzik
Drug Money
Luv Deez Hoez
After I F*** Your B****

The billboard was pulled down less than 24 hours after being put up

Racist Rap Video Shows White Child Being Hung / Murdered

While censorship against politically incorrect ideas has reached full critical idiotic mass, violence and racism being perpetrated against Europeans is completely ignored. While websites are being flushed down the memory hole and internet monopolies like youtube and google are using financial terrorism to enforce thought control, extremely violent racist videos like the one below are ignored. The left could completely delete every “white supremacist” website on the internet, but the simple fact is that things like the video below do more for encouraging white nationalism than any white supremacist website ever will.

Gangster rapper depicts white child being lynched, Youtube approves

Youtube has recently rolled out several new forms of censorship. Videos with conservative messages are being demonetized, placed into a special “sandbox” status where no one can find them, or banned outright. Youtube uses audio matching technology to prevent banned videos from being re-uploaded by other people.

Youtube is accelerating this censorship on a daily basis. Now, virtually everything right of center is being, at the least, demonetized. Even some moderate political commentators are now being demonetized.

What is not censored is actual incitement of racially motivated violence against white people.

Gangster rapper XXXTentacion has a new video with graphic and disturbing depictions of violence against white people. This includes a depiction of the rapper teaching a little black kid how to murder a little white kid. The little white kid is then depicted being hung to death.

The video also shows a frustrated white school teacher unable to control his black classroom. Then the rapper beats the white teacher with a dildo. Parts of the video contain crude sexually explicit lyrics. Other parts contain incitement of racial hatred against white people.

The video has been viewed almost five million times. It is being praised by black supremacists.

The video is fully “monetized” by Youtube. This means that Youtube is sharing the ad revenue it generates with the publisher. In other words, youtube is financially supporting this video.

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Musician Wants Out Of Shape White Men To Play Trump Supporters In Upcoming Video

As stated in our previous post here, this is why the mainstream music scene is failing.

John Legend Puts Out Music Video Casting Call for White, ‘Out of Shape’ Trump Supporters

Grammy-winning singer and outspoken Donald Trump critic John Legend put out a casting call this week to find actors to play “Trump supporters” in an upcoming music video — and the description of the roles specifically mentions the actors be white and “preferably out of shape.”

According to TMZ, the notice posted on the Los Angeles-based Casting Networks calls for eight white actors, men and women ages 30-65, to play Trump supporters protesting at a rally.

“Preferably out of shape,” reads the casting call obtained by the outlet. “The camera will pass by them as they stand and rally.”

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