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Khari Covington Arrested For Violent Attacks On “Light Skinned Women”. National Media Silent

Did you hear about this one? Maybe if you are in the local area where these attacks were happening you were aware of it. Other than that this story was pretty much relegated to a few online news stories. In fact, as much as I keep up on the news, I just came across this story 2 days ago. The arrest of Khari Covington happened back in January after a series of attacks mostly on the New York subway in which “light skinned women” were targeted and violently assaulted. His charges- eight counts of assault as a hate crime and one count of attempted robbery as a hate crime. Why wasn’t mass media all over this story?? They claim to want to end racism and hate crimes. Not only that, but these violent hate crimes were committed by a man against women. With the double standards in what mass media reports, and the gaslighting they perpetrate against the American people, it’s no wonder they have lost all credibility.

Trump Supporters Riot In Major Cities After Biden Inauguration!

Just kidding, it was antifa again, and national media is silent, again.

Projection, psyops, double standards, fake news, false narratives, and more… these things make up the left’s modus operandi the last 4 years. While continuously ignoring the very real instances of violence from the left including the summer of love that resulted in major cities being burned down, dozens of people dead and the destruction of black communities and businesses in them, they at the same time continuously promote the idea that Trump supporters and “F*cking White Males!” are the biggest threat to America. This narrative obviously is not going to change anytime soon as the antifa riots in major U.S. cities yesterday (the day of Biden’s inauguration that unified America) were completely blacked out by mass media. Related podcast here.


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Antifa burns an American Flag & Joe Biden Flag

Colorado: Antifa Burn American Flags, Attack Peaceful Protestors & Hold Sign Saying No Honeymoon For Biden

Seattle: Antifa Burn American Flags & Destroy Stores

De’Andre Brown Arrested For Fourth Of July Mass Shooting In Atlanta. National Media Silent

It was another mass shooting that curiously did not receive much attention from the talking heads in mass media. This one occurred when a large crowd was gathered watching fireworks during a street party in the early morning hours in Atlanta. It’s also reported that people were street racing, and at around 2 am on July 5th a pedestrian was struck by a car which led to an argument which then quickly led to gunfire. By the time it was over 14 people were shot leaving 2 dead. De’Andre Brown was caught and arrested 2 months later after being stopped for street racing.

The fact that this mass shooting happened during the July 4th national holiday weekend made it even more curious as to why this never got much attention. The only thing I can figure is that like these stories, it did not fit their narrative. This wasn’t however the only shoting that occurred in Atlanta over the July 4th weekend. It’s reported that there were 11 different shootings with 31 injured and 5 dead. Tragically one of those victims was 8 year old Secoriea Turner. Secoriea was killed riding in the backseat of a car after it exited the highway and a group of people standing in front of a parking lot open fired on it.

While mass media and the the race hustlers continue to bring up Charlottesville, while they continuously demand that Trump denounce White supremacy (which he continuously does), and while they continue to distort facts in place of a narrative and use emotion over reality, Leonydus Johnson has compiled a list of 62 children that have been killed by gun violence so far this year. In Philadelphia alone, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported back in August that 100 kids have been shot in that city alone. You can bet that number has gone up since then.

Once again, it’s curious why mass media and the race hustlers never address the everyday crime in democrat run inner cities. Could it be that they don’t really care? That they are just trying to push an agenda to gain power? Did you ever think that maybe they’re just using you?

Man Attacks Woman In Brutal Interracial Attack On Miami Metromover. National Media Silent

A brutal and vicious interracial attack was caught on camera earlier this month when 25 year old Joshua James King (who is black) attacked 29 year old Andrea Puerta on a Miami Metromover. As seen in the video, Puerta is sitting alone when Joshua walks on, looks around, and then begins to brutally beat her in an unprovoked attack, slamming her head and throwing her against the seats. The attack resulted in Puerta losing consciousness and left her with a black eye and swollen jaw as well as multiple fractures including broken ribs. Joshua was later arrested for this assault and has also been charged with allegedly attacking two other men that day. After this brutal attack he has simply been charged with 3 counts of aggravated battery charges and was released on just a $1,500 bail. That insanity aside, the talking heads in mass media who regularly denounce racism have also curiously not mentioned this violent male on female interracial attack, and unlike the Jussie Smollet “hate crime”, there is actually footage of this attack.

The attempt to blacklist these stories are why the left has resorted to totalitarian tactics to censor and de-platform people and news outlets to protect their narrative. The only thing the left had to be able to hold on to power and create the matrix was control of the media, but in this internet age where everyone has an equal voice their matrix has been exposed and is falling apart. They are scared and have resorted to totalitarian censorship and financial terrorism to silence those who fight against them in the culture war. These dystopian tactics need to be legally challenged and fought against. And make sure you’re registered to vote in the next election. You think things are bad now? Wait till they get power.

The Violent Left. Leftist Organizer Charged With Attempted Murder After Driving Through Pro Trump Rally

It was a horrific scene that can only be called Charlottesville 2.0. 40 year old Tatiana Rita Turner has been charged with attempted murder after plowing her car through a group of people at a rally that left 2 people in the hospital with “major injuries” in the California city of Yorba Linda.

The attack occurred after a confrontation with a group of Trump supporters during a March 4 Equality event that Turner’s group Caravan 4 Justice helped organize. It’s reported that many of in Turner’s group were outfitted with helmets, tactical vests, riot shields, and tasers. Turner herself has been charged with pepper spraying two counter protestors as well as being accused of threatening others with a wooden baton before plowing her car through the group. One woman who was hit was left with a fractured skull. Turner, who has previous felony convictions for domestic violence and drug sales, has been charged with one felony count of attempted murder with premeditation and deliberation, six felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, including one causing great bodily injury, one felony count of mayhem, and two felony counts of the use of pepper spray by a felon.

In a press release from the Orange County District Attorney it states that “The Orange County District Attorney’s Office will not tolerate these professional militant organizers who are armed with weapons and teaching defensive tactics to counter police efforts to curb violence,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. “We support the right to peacefully protest, but these are not peaceful protests. These are organized protests that encourage others to engage in civil disobedience. When pepper spray and other displays of force failed, she positioned her vehicle to be used as a backup weapon and she used that vehicle as a deadly weapon,

Once again, this attack has every semblance of the attack at Charlottesville, it’s just curious why mass media isn’t reporting this as such. Earlier this year another vehicular attack went completely unreported by the talking heads in mass media when a man plowed his van into a tent where a group of Republicans had set up a voting registration drive. Why does mass media continue to ignore the actions of The Violent Left?

Trump Supporter Shot & Killed in Portland. National Media Silent

Over and over President Trump has asked the leaders of democrat run cities to let him send in federal aid in order to quell the violent riots, and over and over they have told him no. That denial has led to the deaths of many people, including several who were murdered during the “Summer of love” in Seattle’s CHOP / CHAZ zone. The father of one of those killed is now suing for $3 billion and I hope he wins. Add on top of these lawsuits the fact that businesses as well as people are fleeing these cities and states and they’ll eventually be turned into a facsimile of Detroit.

Last night another murder took place, this time in Portland where a man who was said to be a Trump supporter was shot dead in the street. Now, you’ve all heard mass media’s outrage over Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself against a violent pedophile as well as other armed criminals in Kenosha, but as of yet there has been nothing about this unprovoked murder of man who was just walking down the street. These mayors and governors who continually allow this violence have blood on their hands. Mass media and the democrat party who refuse to condemn this violence are complicit in it as well. I posted about another similar incident the other day where a black man fired at a group of people waving American Flags and holding Trump signs on the side of the road. There has been no outrage from the national media on this either. Again, the left never disavow their own, and not only do they not disavow these “protests” they actively encourage them.

Via The Post Millennial:

On the 95th day of riots and protests in Portland, Ore., a Trump supporter was fatally shot. He was identified by his “Patriot Prayer” hat and his shooting death was caught by multiple livestreamers.

The excerpt above is from a rather in depth account of the unprovoked shooting. Read the entire thing as well as view videos of The Violent Left celebrating it on their site here. Again, this is your future in Biden’s radical left America.

The Violent Left. Marquise Damarius Asomani Arrested For Shooting At Trump Supporters. National Media Silent

Well, by now everyone has heard about the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin. That story involves 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse who was helping guard a local business from looters and later wound up having to use deadly force to defend his life after being violently attacked by armed Biden voters. That video here.

On the other hand, I’m sure you haven’t heard about the arrest of Marquise Damarius Asomani. Marquise (who is black) was arrested after allegedly firing shots at a pro Trump flash mob who were waving American flags and holding Trump signs on the side of the road in South Carolina. Witnesses say that the car Marquise was in drove past them several times yelling derogatory and racist comments before ultimately firing several shots on the final drive by. He was later arrested and hit with multiple charges including six counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. A bond was set at $75,000.

What’s curious is that like these stories mass media has completely ignored this attack while reporting non stop on the arrest of Kyle Rittenhouse despite the stark difference between the two. That difference is that in Kyle’s case he only fired in defense of his life. In the Marquise case his life was not in danger, so you can only assume that he fired his gun based on a political hatred. So why is the media so obsessed with one over the other? Because as I said in a previous podcast, the left never disavows their own. If they decide you are guilty of whatever social justice offence they make up, that like the McCloskeys, you are not only not allowed to defend yourself, but you are to lay down and be killed. This will be your future in Biden’s radical left America.

Daniel Navarro “Targeted A White Man”. National Media Silent

undefinedAs always, while running stories about some White person who said something that offended someone, mass media ignores the real hate crimes. This one involves 27 year old Daniel Navarro who says he intentionally set out to kill a White man. That man turned out to be 55-year-old Phillip Thiessen a retired Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation special agent and former Virginia police officer.

undefinedDocuments state that on July 3rd Navarro was driving a 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup when he intentionally swerved into Thiessen who was on his motorcycle hitting him head on. While Navarro admitted that he intentionally targeted a White man, he furthermore stated he targeted one riding a motorcycle instead of one in a car because he wanted him to die. A preliminary hearing is set for July 17th. He is being charged with first degree intentional homicide and first degree recklessly endangering safety with hate crime modifiers attached to both charges.

So just to reiterate, you have a Mexican American who admitted he intentionally set out to kill a White man and did so, yet the national media says nothing. Had this been the other way around it would be called Charlottesville all over and they’d be screaming about White racism, Trump’s America and so on. This double standard reporting is something I’ve focused on with this blog for awhile. By ignoring these stories all the while exploiting stories about a smirking kid in a MAGA hat or numerous other fake hate crimes, mass media is setting a distorted and dishonest representation of what America is. In reality, by purposely distorting the stats of hate crimes, they are doing more to fuel division and racism then they are trying to end it. It is deception and purposeful divisiveness, and it is malicious.

This case exemplifies this as the complaint states that Navarro said “if Trump and white people are going to create a world like we are living in, then he has no choice and people are going to have to die.” It’s evident that Navarro was motivated by the narrative that the national media has set. They have blood on their hands.

Biden’s “We Need To Believe Truth Over Facts” Explained

Joe Biden: “We need to believe truth over facts.” While it might have been just another of his gaffe’s, there is actually a lot of meaning behind it.

1. This makes sense when you realize that their truth is their narrative. It’s not a truth based on facts.

2. What you need to do is to always question the narrative because there is always an agenda behind it. See #3

3. Mass media will run a narrative (their truth, otherwise known as a psyop) and set the narrative. This is a constantly running theme in the Mockingbird Media. They jump on a story before facts are set in stone and push a narrative into the head of the public. They`ll use it to force corporations, politicians or whoever to do their bidding and push their agenda through before the dust even settles. It is the use of emotion over reality in issues which in most cases the narrative isn`t even legit. You can search our site using “national media silent“, “local media” and “fake hate crime” for some examples.

4. Once you realize this and don’t let yourself become emotionally manipulated you’ll recognize it every time it plays out. That is how their matrix is exposed. An old podcast with some examples can be listened to here

Brutal Fireworks Attack. Is The Local News Ignoring Another Hate Crime?

undefinedI came across a rather disturbing video on twitter yesterday showing a group of black “youths” attacking a man in a car with fireworks. As he jumps out to escape they continually shoot him with them aiming at his face and hitting him multiple times from all angles. Another “youth” is seen hitting him with a trashcan in the end.

While watching the video and seeing the street and houses it looked really similar to the Wilkens Ave area of Southwest Baltimore. As the video was circulating twitter one commenter did say it happened in Southwest Baltimore. It also appears that the “youths” are attacking a white man, but without being able to find much info I can’t be certain. If it turns out that this was a light skinned black man, in this era of BLM it’s curious why there’s no national outrage. If it turns out that this was a white guy being attacked, it’s likewise curious why the local media who is known for racially inflamed reporting hasn’t reported it as such. The local outlets have spent all week reporting on the story of a black child being denied entrance in a Baltimore restaurant because of his clothing when you could clearly see a white kid in the restaurant basically wearing the same thing. The story even made national headlines on CNN. While the restaurant story was a justified story about discrimination, no matter how the fireworks attack one turns out, the double standards are clear when it comes to which stories they shove down your throat and which ones they won’t.

If anyone knows the identity of the man in the video please have him contact us via the contact form.