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Pelosi & Friends Cultural Appropriation Fail

Remember that photo op that Nancy Pelosi and her friends did while culturally appropriating kente stoles? Well as it turns out the stoles are indigenous to the Asante Empire which is in modern day Ghana. The Asante’s were very active in the slave trade in the 1800’s and traded slaves to the British and Dutch in exchange for guns to ironically expand their empire across Africa. So in short, Pelosi and friends are honoring a people who invaded and conquered lands and enslaved those who were not killed. I guess that does make sense however seeing as how they are democrats.

Aside from that, the photo op in which they kneeled for 8 minutes mimicking Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck did not go over well at all with anyone, with even their friends at cnn calling them out.

We Saved The City! Minneapolis Manufacturing Company Leaving The City After Riots

This reminds me of the Spongebob meme: We did it Patrick! We saved the city!

7-Sigma, a manufacturer and supplier of high-performance polymer and metal components and assemblies for the printing, medical, aerospace, and industrial markets that has been in Minneapolis since 1987 has said they will be moving out of the city after the riots. The owner states that the cities response to the riots was an “abject failure” as they did nothing to protect the people or businesses, going on to say that while a $30 million affordable housing complex next to his company burned down the fire department sat there and did nothing. It’s estimated that over 50 businesses have been completely destroyed with close to 50 more severely damaged. Over 1,000 commercial properties have also been destroyed. But hey, at least they saved the city from racism, and that’s all that matters.

The Violent Left: Attorney Charged With Shooting Disabled Veteran At George Floyd Protest

49 year old single father and disabled veteran Danny Pruitt is currently on life support after being shot at a George Floyd protest in Colorado. According to a go fund me page, Danny was on his way to get dinner when a protestor blocking the road shot into his truck hitting him in the back of the head. The Alamosa news reports that: 27-year-old Alamosa resident James Marshall (was identified as the shooter), and subsequently placed him into custody at approximately 8:40 p.m. Marshall was charged with attempted 2nd Degree homicide, 1st Degree assault, reckless endangerment, felony menacing, criminal mischief, illegal discharge of a firearm, and prohibited use of weapons. Marshall reportedly is an attorney with a second-story office in downtown Alamosa.

People on the left regularly use the argument that those on the right shouldn’t be allowed their constitutional right to protest because a riot broke out in Charlottesville leaving a woman dead after the local police herded everyone together and then stood down as chaos ensued. If we are to use this crietrion then all protests on the left should be banned as well. Aside from the general looting and vandalism that occur, you had 5 cops shot and killed at a black lives matter protest in Texas. Past instances of antifa riots as well as a mass shooting in Ohio by an antifa associate and a terrorist attack by Willem Van Spronsen more than cause concern for the general safety of the public as well. In general, the left holds a monopoly on violence and terror. The fact that these things are never mentioned by mass media or anyone else on the left when it comes to protests they support vs those they oppose further shows the authoritarian and fascistic motives behind their agenda. They can eat their moral high ground and faux outrage.

The Violent Left: Murder Spree Suspect Peter Manfredonia Advocated For Gun Control, Climate Change & More

undefinedEver wonder why you hear about the political background of some people accused of crimes and not others? Some people will have news stories run alongside the description of their crime with every facebook group they belonged to, postings they made, what kind of music they listened to and so on. In other cases you don’t hear anything. This is one of those cases.

The news ran headlines last week about Peter Manfredonia, a 23 year old murder spree suspect from Connecticut who was later captured here in Maryland. The timeline is quite disturbing as it doesn’t really show any kind of motivation for his alleged spree. The complete timeline which you can read here involves the murder of a 62 year old good Samaritan with a machete, the murder of a highschool friend, the abduction and kidnapping of his girlfriend, and a home invasion where long guns and pistols were allegedly stolen.

Now, who was Peter Manfredonia? According to his facebook he was a one of those peace loving advocate for climate change and plastic bans, an anti gun / anti toxic masculinity advocate who praised Robert “Beta” O’Rourke. In other words, another leftist nutjob just like the antifa terrorist Connor Betts who went on a shooting spree in Ohio last year. Below are a couple screenshots from his now deleted facebook. It’s curious why none of this was mentioned.

Meme Alert: The Fauci Cult

This meme sums up the level of “expertise” that the nation’s top source for medical advise surrounding the cornonavirus has given. Dr. Anthony Fauci is held in highest regards by mass media and the left and his word has become holy scripture in what can only be called the Fauci cult. Why do I call it a cult? Because cult members unquestionably follow their leader. In this case, despite being consistently wrong the Fauci cult still holds on to his every word as if their lives depend on it. But let’s look at his timeline of predictions.

As laid out in the timeline here you’ll see Dr. Fauci saying that the coronavirus was “not a major threat to the people of the United States” on January 21st. You’ll remember that despite this wrong assessment President Trump banned flights from China a week later in an effort to keep those infected from importing it. A month later Fauci continued to say “Right now, at this moment, there is no need to change anything that you’re doing on a day-by-day basis,”. The timeline goes on all the way through March with Dr. Fauci continuing to make claims that there’s nothing to really worry about. As pointed out in our previous post here, this sentiment was also echoed at that time by top democrats like Nancy Pelosi and others.

In April Fauci backtracked and said that it was January when he realized it was a problem. He went on to say that if Trump had listened to the experts more lives could have been saved. Let me repeat this- Dr. Fauci, the White House’s top medical “expert” said in January that coronavirus was not a threat. He then goes back and says that if Trump had listened to the experts back in January then more lives would have been saved. No matter how you read it the only conclusion you can come to is that he is not fit to be the nation’s top medical advisor and that his word is not the holy scripture his cult members should be clinging to. Again, as a Fauci cult member you can make any kind of excuses you want but it really only boils down to two theories- One being that Fauci is grossly incompetent and is now trying to pass the buck, or two that as an embedded figure in the deep state he purposely downplayed this in order to undermine President Trump in an election year.

No matter what it turns out to be, the fact that people still hold on to his every word despite him being consistently wrong demonstrates the level of cult like instability his followers exhibit.

Fauci, while being the main figure head in this cult isn’t the only “expert” who has been wrong of course. Dr. Birx was another person that mass media had hung on every word until recently when she reportedly said that she couldn’t trust anything coming from the CDC saying that their reported statistics may be inflated by up to 25%. The WHO has been just as off in their timeline even appearing to help China cover the outbreak up in the beginning. Nevertheless, these are the people that the left and mass media continue to say we need to trust. “Believe In Science!” Believe The Data!” In short, the repeated mantra in mockingbird media and from the left and democrats saying that you need to believe in science let’s you know that the field has been completely corrupted and that the data being delivered to you is being skewed to their agenda.

Brutal Attack On Asian Woman. National Media Silent

Another day another hate crime ignored by mass media because it doesn’t fit their agenda. This time it involves a brutal attack by a teenage male on an older Asian woman less than half his size. The attack which was being filmed by one of the perps shows a group of black teens taunting the woman at a bus stop when one of them gets a running start and then kicks her in the face violently knocking her down. The group of black teens then jog away laughing.


Despite the violent nature of this attack as well as alarm bells being sounded that attacks on Asians have dramatically increased during the cornona outbreak, I have not seen anyone denouncing this hate crime on any of the talking head news outlets. On the other hand, I can only imagine the coverage had this been a group of white teens. That leads me to wonder if this could this be another case of narrative protection / agenda promotion like that of the alarm bells being sounded about the rising number of anti Semitic attacks in New York while covering up the fact that perps in these attacks were predominately non whites. Why don’t they report the facts while reporting on these things? I’ll tell you why- The left hates facts because facts do not support their agenda and it destroys their narrative.

By ignoring these stories and ignoring facts all the while exploiting stories about a smirking kid in a MAGA hat or numerous other fake hate crimes, mass media is setting a distorted and dishonest representation of what America is. In reality, by purposely distorting the stats of hate crimes, they are doing more to fuel division and racism then they are trying to end it. It is deception and purposeful divisiveness, and it is malicious. This agenda needs to be challenged.

Back to the original story, an online article reported that two 15 year olds and a 14 year old were arrested, but other than a couple online articles and reports on independent news outlets this story has gone unmentioned. Their is also no mention of whether these teens will be charged with a hate crime. The report says that the case will be presented to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office in Minnesota. They need to be contacted to ensure that they are charged with a hate crime.