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Twitter Be Like…

After mass censorship from social media outlets of candidates during American election cycles including the great politically influenced purge on twitter right now, twitter ironically decries censorship of social media in the Uganda election. At the same time they then go on to state that they deleted many accounts surrounding their election. You can’t make this stuff up.

AIG Insurance Drops Curt Shilling Due To “Social Media Profile”. The Chinese Social Credit Score Is Here

Big tech / big business terrorism against the American people in order to enforce political conformity continues as the Chinese social credit score system is being applied to Americans. The latest- AIG Insurance drops former Red Sox pitcher Curt Shilling over his “social media profile”.

Screenshotted above for when his twitter gets flushed down the memory hole

Democrats Want To Classify MAGA Rallies As Domestic Terrorism

When Republicans are elected they take office. When Democrats are elected they take power. These people don’t care about your Constitution and they don’t want to coexist. Never forget that. With control of all 3 houses, nothing is going to be off the table for at least the next 2 years. Every legal outlet needs to be exhausted to fight their totalitarianism.

The Totalitarian Left’s Great Purge

The great purge on social media as well as big tech attempts to ban Parler and alternative social media outlets don’t need to be rehashed here. Everyone has heard. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming either. I argued awhile ago that if Trump needed to suspend the Constitution for a bit in order to save the Constitution then that’s what he should do. He should have taken down the media and tech monopolies but he played too nice with everyone. I’m thinking this was because he wanted to get to his second term where he would roll out the big guns. They made sure that didn’t happen. There’s no appeasing the totalitarian left as everyone can see now. They don’t care about your Constitution and they don’t want to coexist with you. Never forget that.

Corporations Want To Cut Funding To America First / Trump Supporting Politicians

Going back to a couple previous posts, this was on OAN news the other morning. Corporations want to deny money to the Trump faction of the GOP who wanted to address election inconsistencies. Of course this is how it starts. You can guarantee that once this precedent is put in place they will keep moving the goal post.

This financial terrorism trend started several years ago and nothing was done about it. I don’t know why it was never addressed. Yes it is financial terrorism used to enforce thought control and circumvent the constitution. I did a podcast discussing it and warning about how it will expand a few years ago here:

Quick Thoughts On Wednesday

There is lots of speculation that the events Wednesday were kicked off by antifa in disguise. Until proof comes out I cannot say, but I can say that watching videos from yesterday of the people ramming the doors, busting windows, breaking up police gates etc have the exact same aggression and look as the antifa videos do. It also had the desired outcome to demonize Trump supporters and deliver the electoral vote to biden. The number of low energy republicans that cucked on objecting to the electors after they reconvened was disgusting.

Democrats also now are trying to get anyone who supported Trump’s challenge to the election thrown out. There’s a saying- When republicans are elected they take office. When democrats are elected they take power. You already know how they feel about real Americans. Don’t expect them to leave anything off the table for at least the next 2 years.

The Totalitarian Left: Simon & Schuster Cancels Plans for Senator Hawley’s Book

Senator Josh Hawley has had his upcoming book publication titled “The Tyranny of Big Tech” cancelled by it’s publisher. All I have to say is good. They didn’t do anything when this was happening to regular people. Let them deal with it now. Perhaps it’ll even inspire them to start a company that’s not run by and profits leftist authoritarians. Read More: