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Anti PC Street Art Group “The Faction” Strikes Again

Anti PC street art group “The Faction” has struck again, re-purposing billboards to oppose the narrative of mass media outlets. Videos below include targeting CNN for seemingly trying to oppose peace in North Korea, as well re-purposing a John Oliver billboard to reflect his “Orange Man Bad” narrative. Previous videos and actions can be see here, and again, it would be great to see more “Factions” pop up across the country.

Street Artist Sabo Trolls “Intelligent Liberal” Jimmy Kimmel

Sabo is a California artist who has been using street art as his brand of activism to hilariously troll Hollywood liberal hypocrites. His past actions included targeting the Oscars, Mark Zuckerberg`s assumed presidential run, and more. The latest is another attack on “Intelligent Liberal” Jimmy Kimmel. Sabo has targeted Kimmel in the past with a series of crybaby postings, even calling his show the Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour based on Kimmel`s crying during his hypocritical call for gun control. Of it Sabo says “Two facts are clear. The first is that gun control laws accomplish nothing. Criminals don’t abide by them. The second is that the left’s aim in abolishing the Second Amendment is to have even more control over the people of this country.

This time Kimmel has been targeted for making an illegal left turn on Sunset Blvd which ultimately caused an accident. While it could have been worse fortunately no one was hurt. The spot where “Intelligent Liberal” Jimmy Kimmel turned clearly had a sign saying Right Turn Only. Just to make it clear that the sign applied to him as well, Sabo added another sign underneath of it saying- This Includes Idiot Comedians Too. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Sabo said that part of the reason he targeted Kimmel is because of his “Intelligent Liberal” comment in which he implied that late night talk show hosts are liberal because it takes intelligence to do the job.

He says: “Obviously, his intellect wasn’t so sharp as to keep him from nearly killing someone.”

“I’ve never followed Jimmy Kimmel, ever,” Sabo told The Daily Wire in an email exchange Wednesday. “I thought his days of bikini tramps on trampolines was too base to waste time on. I always thought there was something strange about guys pretending to be men. I have to think that when you make the kind of Hollywood money Kimmel makes you have to lose touch with the common man.”

Especially in light of his increasing focus on partisan politics, Sabo suggested, Kimmel needs somebody to check him.

“What Jimmy needs is a person in his life to tell him to shut the hell up. I don’t think he has that. Having to listen to a court jester rattle on about politics is more than any of us should take,” he said, adding, “I hear he was funnier when he was fat.”

Follow Sabo on twitter here and view his website here. It would be great to see more conservative`s using this type of activism to troll the left.

As an addition, since making his “Intelligent Liberal” statement, there has been an increasing demand for a Jinmy Kimmel / Ben Shapiro debate. Kimmel has not respnded to this yet. Read more about that here

Project F*ck Zuck 2020

Conservative street artist Sabo is at it again. Back in February he received national attention for trolling the Oscars with a series of posters mocking the awards show that were plastered all over Hollywood just 48 hours before it started. This time, with reports of Mark Zuckerberg`s potential 2020 presidential run, he has started a F*ck Zuck 2020 campaign. A presidential run is just a rumor right now, but it`s our opinion that the facebook founder won`t gain much support even with his liberal left leanings because of the massive censorship and privacy invasions facebook imposes on people, including liberal leftists themselves. Nevertheless, if you want to help shut it down before it begins check out Sabo`s site here for F*ck Zuck 2020 posters and bumper stickers

Conservative Street Artist Trolls The Oscars

Street Artist Mocks Hollywood ‘A**Holes’ Unwatchable Movies’ with Fake Oscars Posters

Conservative street artist Sabo has struck again, this time with a series of posters mocking the upcoming Academy Awards that he plastered all over Hollywood with just 48 hours to go until the big show.

The Los Angeles-based self-described “rebel artist” shared photographs of his handiwork on his Twitter page Friday; the work includes a poster with a quote from the Quentin Tarantino film True Romance: “All those assholes make are unwatchable movies from unreadable books.”

Discounting Hollywood. From Sabo`s Site Here

I hardly ever go to movies anymore and it there’s ever a movie I really want to see I’ll just wait for it to show up in ReBox. I’ll admit the reasons I do this are a bit petty. It’s my own little way to rebel by putting as little money possible into the big liberal Hollywood machine. Out of touch actors who rail against my political beliefs drove me to it.

Shia LaBeouf, Bryan Cranston, Cher, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck … I could go on all day, have shot their mouths off long enough calling people like myself every vile name in the book, again and again, and again, and again. I used to really love movies and the occasional tv show but not so much these days. I “discount” what goes on in them these days more than ever.

I’m sure many people are wondering if anyone is going to out Meryl Streep her Golden Globe anti-Trump tirade on Sunday night at the Oscars.

Recently a Hollywood Reporter pole revealed 6 out of 10 Americans can’t even name one Best Picture Nominee.

What this tells me is America for the most part is more and more discounting what’s coming out of Hollywood. And I’m sure many who do eventually watch these movies are waiting for them to show up on RedBox because $1.50 is all they think they are worth.

The quote, “ALL THOSE ASSHOLES MAKE ARE UNWATCHABLE MOVIES FROM UNREADABLE BOOK.” came from the Quentin Tarantino (who I can no longer stand because one morning he woke up on of the most obnoxious celebutards in Hollywood) movie “True Romance” spoken by the character Clarence Worley played by Christian Slater who was expressing his distain for modern Hollywood blockbusters.

What we need is Shia LaBeouf to show up and start chanting the mantra, “THEY WILL NOT DIVIDE US” to help take down the huge barricade that surrounds the Dolby Theater that divides we lowly plebs from the Hollywood Royalty.