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State Run Media

This is from an older article but it’s completely relevant when you look at how mass media is handling the Biden scandal.


“When you hear people sound the alarm about the danger of state run media, it is based on the government seizing control of it and using it for their own propaganda. What`s disturbingly evident however is that the state run media is already in place, they are just waiting on their Great Leader.”

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New Legal Defense Org For Conservatives

Now we’re talking. This is something long overdue and I have brought up the need for it many times including in this recent podcast. Fight Back is a new legal defense group dedicated to fighting for Americans who have fell victim to the left wing establishment’s lies and slander. As stated on their website:

For too long, the fake news media have lied and attacked conservatives without accountability. That’s where we come in. We bring lawsuits to check the lies of the left. 

The radical left has taken over mainstream media and they don’t care about truth. They will lie, cancel, and defame anyone who stands in their way. But the truth still matters. And that’s why we bring lawsuits to stop the left’s lies. To defend the truth. To defend freedom.

The radical left works overtime to lie and attack conservatives – with little or no one willing to #FightBack. That is, until now. We’re always ready to go to court to do what no one else wants to do: hold the radical left accountable.

Attorney Lin Wood (the attorney who represented Nick Sandmann and sued multiple mass media outlets for slander) announced the creation of Fight Back on his twitter page. It came after manslaughter charges were brought against 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse who was arrested after being forced to defend himself against a violent pedophile attacker as well as an armed mob.

Democrat VP Pick Says Communist Revolution Will Never End. Advocates For And Encourages More Of These Violent Riots

In case you didn’t know what their agenda was yet, watch this:

For the record, there is a long history of democrat / communist collusion. Bob Avakian, the founder and leader of the revolutionary communist party USA has even announced his support for Joe Biden in this year’s election.

No matter which way these elections go, make sure you’re prepared for the worst. If Trump wins you can expect mass riots in protest. If Biden wins you can expect riots to expand into suburban / conservative areas to continue to force their communist agenda on you. The difference is, under one administration there won’t be anyone to defend you. Make sure you to get out and vote.

The Violent Left. Two Women Arrested After Assaulting 7 Year Old Trump Supporter. This Is Biden’s Delaware

I’ve posted many attacks over the last three years by The Violent Left that are particularly disturbing. You can read them here. Not to be outdone however, they just keep upping the the game. This one involves a disgusting attack on a 7 year old Trump supporter by Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both age 21. The attack happened outside the DNC Convention that took place in Wilmington. This is Biden’s Delaware.

Fortunately the two women were identified and have been arrested. The Delaware Online reports that they are being charged with robbery, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child. Unsurprisingly, just like these, this attack has not been covered by the majority of mass media. Likewise, as I said in my last podcast, you never hear democrats disavow these attacks. Why not?

Video here:

Jeffery Shaun King Wants Images Of White Jesus & His European Mother Destroyed

Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) has stepped up the game for the radical left, telling them to go further than just tearing down statues but to now destroy churches. This is a guy who I’ve been suspicious of for awhile as he claims to be an advocate for social justice but acts more like controlled opposition. It’s a wonder why people still follow him. While reading much about his questionable fund raising, I haven’t really done any articles on that, but instead focus on his history of false accusations and the “activism” he does that hurts the black community more than helps it. As mentioned, the lastest “activism” he is advocating is the destruction of churches because white supremacy… or something. With his history of blatantly false accusations targeting innocent people as well as his latest dog whistles to the violent left it’s curious why he hasn’t been kicked off social media when so many others have for so much less. It should also be noted that while he continues his grifting, that religiously motivated crimes are considered hate crimes by the FBI and carry lengthy sentences. Yet here he is advocating for you destroy churches while at the same time fundraising off of you. Have any of you- his followers considered yet that maybe he’s cointelpro?