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Save America: President Trump Forms Office Of The Former President

President Trump has formed The Office Of The Former President. The Office “will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interest of the United States,” as well as “carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism,” in an effort to Save America. I personally love that he’s going to be doing community organizing, but at the same time the troll level on this is at a million 😁

Screenshotted below for when Disclose Tv gets memory holed on twitter

Portland Mayor Punched & Seattle Mayor Forced To Leave By Leftist Mob. National Media Silent

While mass media and democrats continue to push a narrative about violent Trump supporters, the left has been consistent in committing violent attacks the last 4 years, and of course their cohorts in mass media have been silent about it. Two such examples come with reported attacks on mayors themselves.

On the day that mass media was reporting non stop on the events at the Capitol, members of antifa attacked Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler while he was at a restaurant. It’s reported that he was punched in the face during the confrontation. National Media Silent.

In Bellingham yesterday radical left protestors broke into city hall and forced the mayor to flee. National Media Silent.

Facebook Giving Politically Motivated “Dangerous Search” Warning

After seeing last night on the Lou Dobbs show that President Trump will be releasing documents involving Obamagate and the spy campaign around his administration, I went on Facebook to see if there were any articles on it yet. After doing a search the notification posted below came up. While social media regularly engages in labeling stories they want suppressed as MiSsIng cOnTExT, dEbUnKed, faCT ChECkEd, etc., this is yet another disturbing level in social media conditioning and censorship.

The Violent Left: Roger Stone’s 74 Year Old Wife Attacked

Despite a questionable attack by “Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol this past week, The Violent Left has been consistent with their riots, vandalism, and violent attacks over the last 4 years. The latest is a reported attack on Roger Stone’s 74 year old wife out front of their house while walking her dog. Stone’s spokesman, Rev. Randy Coggins, said “It is true that Nydia Stone was attacked by a leftist on a bicycle in front of their home and that she was already convalescing from a very bad dog bite sustained the week before and reported Broward County animal control. This re-opened a gash in her knee which required a visit to the emergency room… Her injury will require surgery but she is home and doing fine and more angry than she is injured. It’s amazing how many hundreds of thousands of people have inquired with their questions and offered their prayers. The Stone family is grateful,”

Now living in Florida, Roger’s wife Nydia is a Cuban born woman who’s family came to the U.S. to escape communism after Castro came into power. President Trump has a large base of support in Florida from the Cuban population who escaped Castro and now see communism taking hold in America. The Cuban population has since been attacked by the radical left as being “white supremacists”.

*Update from Roger Stone on this here