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Fake Hate Crime: Jerome Kevin Jackson To Plead Guilty For Racist Graffiti

undefinedThis was a local story not long ago that was on all the news channels: Racist graffiti found at Salisbury University. The usual talking points about racism as well as social justice protests were all that you heard. Classes were cancelled and the college was shut down after the graffiti was found. The fbi was even called in to investigate.

Well not long afterwards they announced a suspect was arrested, but then curiously the story disappeared and you could find no information on who the suspect was anywhere online. Want to know why? Well like many other incidents of racist graffiti at Maryland colleges this one was also committed by a black man. WMDT reports that 54 year old Jerome Kevin Jackson, of Princess Anne, plans to plead guilty to maliciously defacing school property “while exhibiting racial animosity,” according to the State’s Attorney’s Office. The crime is labeled as a hate crime.

Once again mass media has exposed their agenda. They continue to set a distorted and dishonest representation of racism in America and they are doing more to fuel division and racism then they are trying to end it. It is deception and purposeful divisiveness, and it is malicious. This agenda needs to be challenged.

Police Are Investigating The Death Of Man Who Drank Fish Tank Cleaner

In case you haven’t noticed yet (sarcasm) mass media loves to take things that President Trump says out of context. One of those recent things was that he was promoting the use of a fish tank cleaner to cure the coronavirus. Of course that’s not what he was referring to, but mass media ran with it because they want you to think Orange Man Dumb. Well after they started airing this story a man died after his wife allegedly gave him fish tank cleaner and instead of taking responsibility for their misconstrued reporting, they laid the blame on Trump. Now there is an investigation into his death and it looks like there might be more going on than just the narrative that “man dies after Trump promotes fish tank cleaner as corona cure”.

But but but drumpf said to drink fish tank cleaner. No, no he didn’t. Just like he didn’t tell people to inject Lysol. And no one thought this guy’s death wasn’t suspicious except the TDS crowd.

Fake News Meltdown After Trump Exposes Them In Real Time

After an epic White House Press Briefing yesterday when President Trump played clips of the mainstream news outlets and exposed their lies and agenda in real time, they effectively went into total meltdown. To start this off, since January not only has Trump been fighting to keep coronavirus from spreading, but he has been fighting against a biased and outright lying mass media who have been attacking his every effort to combat the virus and help the affected states. Not only are there daily attacks from the msm which many times contradict the attack from the week before, but anyone who has been watching the daily press briefings can clearly see that the reporters are there just to argue with him and not to do actual reporting.

Just a quick run down, President Trump declared a flight ban from China all the way back in January, at which time he was called racist and xenophobic. He later declared a flight ban from Europe and was criticized as well. At the same time and as we pointed out here, many prominent democrats were downplaying the coronavirus and encouraging people to go out and mingle in their local China Town. Mass media of course ignored these democrat’s role in helping this disease to spread and instead claimed that Trump didnt act soon enough. Along with this, from attacking him on possible cures to claiming that he wasn’t helping the states, he punched back yesterday in epic fashion, playing a video compilation exposing everything they’ve been manufacturing.

The video itself of the clips can be found plenty of places online, but its best to watch the video of the briefing itself as watching Trump smiling and signaling to the press pool as it was playing makes it a thousand times funnier. (It starts at around the 15 minute mark in the video below)

As predicted, mass media went into a complete meltdown afterwards. CNN ran several headlines with one taking a cue from Orwell’s doublethink saying “Trump uses task force briefing to try and rewrite history on coronavirus response”. The fact is, is that he played out the timeline as it happened, and even after being exposed cnn was still trying to defend their narrative. These people are insane. One reporter in the press pool last night who obviously didn’t like their agenda exposed even asked “Why would you do this?”. Well it’s pretty evident- to call them out on their lies and bias and to show how they place agenda over reporting. They are doing a complete disservice to the American people and they need to be exposed.