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Alleged Antifa Bike Lock Attacker Eric Clanton Held In Berkeley Jail

Remember this video? It showed a masked coward who was hiding behind a girl sneaking up and hitting a man on the head with a bike lock. After this video went viral the good people at 4Chan started an investigation 4Chan style and came up with a likely suspect- Eric Clanton, a bay area college professor. Several other videos seemed to tie him to other similar violent assaults on people whose free speech he opposed.

Since the outing by 4Chan, Eric Clanton has now been arrested and is being held in a Berkeley jail for the alleged attacks. Because of the seriousness of the attacks the investigation was handled by homicide detectives. Several protestors gathered outside the court house during his arraignment shouting “Lock him up”.

Antifa Beaten And Chased Away After Trying To Disrupt A Trump Rally In California

The past few months has seen violent assaults from leftists and antifa against Trump supporters as they attack anyone including old people as well as women. This past weekend in Huntington Beach California they once again tried to attack a pro Trump rally and after pepper spraying a woman they promptly received a justified backlash. Those who weren`t arrested were chased away with their tails between their legs

See antifa running down the highway at 3:50 😀

Oakland Police Ally with Antifa Terrorists to Stop Marduk Show

Recently democrats and the left whined and bitched about President Trump`s possibility of defunding the National Endowment of the Arts. What`s ironic is that at the same time they themselves actively try to censor art and music that they do not approve of. Once again (and the reason everyone hates antifa) using the threat of violence, democrats and the fascist “anti fascists” have shut down an event they have deemed verboten. What`s even worse is the lack of backbone by those targeted in standing up to their fascist dictates and the threats of violence they use to censor art and music. One has to wonder if this lack of backbone is actually willing collusion. The depth of leftist infiltration in societies institutions has never been more apparent than now. It has gone from somewhat masked and subtle to blatant and obvious. From the outright hatred and bias coming from mass media, to business owners of major chains who make decisions to discontinue products based on their politics, to the mayors and politicians who order police to stand aside so democrats can riot with impunity. It is clear there is a multi faceted stranglehold on America by people who want to dictate how you live your life and what you are allowed to think. This stranglehold needs to be challenged. Get active in grassroots organizations, creating media music and art, as well as local politics.

Oakland Police Ally with Antifa Terrorists to Stop Marduk Show

The Oakland Police Department allied with antifascist and communist terrorists to get the Oakland Metro Operahouse to cancel Marduk‘s booked show with Incantation there today on February 18th according to a post on the venue’s Facebook page. Antifascists and communists had previously vowed to attack Marduk’s planned gigs in Oakland and Austin.

    In the last week we have read interview after interview with Marduk spanning over the last 20 years and found no statements indicating the band are white supremacists, nationalists, or anti-immigrant. That being said, we don’t want to subject our security staff, venue staff or the public to violence. Our staff is almost exclusively POC and/or LBGTQ and they have all expressed the desire to work, but as we are getting threats, we just can’t risk it. So, in the interest of safety, and because the Oakland Police Department would have insisted anyway, we have canceled the Marduk performance on Feb 18.

    The Oakland Police Department has decided in the interest of public safety that the Marduk show on Saturday, February 18 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse be cancelled. Refunds at point of purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

According to the comments section, the Oakland Police Department told the venue that they “would not give the venue a permit to let the band play.” even if the Oakland Metro Operahouse tried to go through with the show. Apparently the Oakland Police Department are okay with allowing continuous violent protests against police from groups like Black Lives Matter but refuse to allow a caveman, beercore “black metal” band to play in the city due to their use of World War II imagery.

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Blastfest Lets Antifa Bully Them, Then Lose Ticket Sales & Cancel Show

For a quick background into this story- Blastfest 2017 was supposed to have the band Peste Noire as a headliner but dropped them after the fascist group antifa started threatening the organizers. Blastfest cowered like bitches and support for the fest dwindled away. Now it looks like the entire thing has been cancelled due to low ticket sales. This is what happens when you allow yourself to be bullied. The post below goes into it more. Also see an oped on this from Metal Insider in our Everyone Hates Antifa article here.
BLASTFEST 2017, where Peste Noire performance was cancelled earlier, is now cancelled due to low ticket sales

Good lesson for all those mainstream promoters who are not willing to stand against the so-called antifa “mind-police”. First, you cancel one of the headliners for no reason other than internet bullying, then another headliner drops off to show their solidarity (great respect to Horna!) and finally you have to cancel the fest because it sucks and people don’t won’t to buy tickets anymore. At the end of the day, you are left with nothing – no fest and no respect.

This story also tells us how the extreme scene can punish those who don’t have enough guts to stand their ground and prefer to surrender to political censorship instead. Next time – think twice, otherwise the bands and the crowd will simply drop off.

Antifa Humor: DLJ At Conference In Food Court Displays His Porn Collection

Daryle Lamont Jenkins speaking at a conference in a food court is funny but should come as no surprise. What is hilarious is what happened while he was speaking.

Leftist Activists Get Kicked Out Of A Food Court, But Not Before Showing Porn To A Reporter

A few of the almost ten people present grabbed food, and it was liberal activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins turn to speak. Jenkins is the executive director of the One People’s Project, which seeks to expose white supremacists in the conservative movement. Jenkins proceeded to speak about a photo he released in 2010 of O’Keefe at a conference which included white nationalist Jared Taylor.

Jenkins decided to show this photo to the journalists present at the food court table and turned his iPad around horizontally. This reporter was seated across Jenkins when he turned his iPad around and the photo of O’Keefe became a thumbnail in Jenkins’ downloads folder surrounded by dozens of thumbnails of pornographic videos.

Jenkins showed off his porn collection for around 20 seconds before turning his iPad back towards him and exclaiming, “What the hell?” Most of the thumbnails appeared to be of white women in compromised positions. Jenkins went on to talk about his efforts to “beat back” racists in American society.

Courageous Antifa Now Threatening Children

Not to be limited to rioting, jumping people 20 on 1 and pepper spraying women, antifa have now taken to a new low and are threatening children. While they see themselves as revolutionaries, their antics nation wide are doing nothing more than setting themselves up for a serious backlash.

Antifa Threatens Young Daughter of Pro-Trump Journalist
Violent leftists now targeting children

A member of the violent Antifa movement publicly threatened a pro-Trump journalist’s young daughter, vowing to target conservative commentators “and their kids”.

Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter who formerly identified as a Bernie-supporting Democrat but later switched her allegiance to Trump, received the threat from a group identifying itself as the ‘Arizona Antifa Front’.

“Some of us know you very personally cass, and know just how afraid you can really get. Be careful doll, for ur duaghters sake,” the tweet read. The word ‘daughter’ was misspelled.

Antifa Humor: Masked Crusaders Unmask Themselves On Public Forum

Antifa`s message is resist, well we can`t resist laughing at all their epic fails lately. From their torching a Muslim immigrants limo in an effort to fight white racism, to Shia Labeouf getting arrested for assault, to crying to the police, and even getting manhandled by police for blocking traffic the laughs keep on coming. In the latest comedic routine, Colorado Springs antifa discuss on a public forum about wearing masks to disrupt an event by Milo Yiannopoulos.  In depth article as well as the unmasked crusaders profiles here