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Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue! Resisting Hoop Earrings And Star Wars Characters

Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism wherever it rears it`s ugly head. This past week`s battlegrounds consist of banning the Star Wars Stormtrooper costume from a Princeton reunion and stopping white girls from wearing hoop earrings. One has to wonder how we would survive without leftists pointing out everything that is racist in society. View our past articles here for more SJW activism

New York Drops Literacy Test For Teachers Because Racism

When a society awards someone less qualified a place in that society that they did not earn or are not qualified for it creates a lower standard for society in general.

Likewise the idea that someone less qualified is less qualified due to racism does not encourage them to work harder because it makes the assumption that they will fail no matter what. It will create a class of people who will continuously demand entitlements they do not deserve and also create resentment from those it was taken from unjustly.

It is a marxist ploy pitting one group of people against another using race as the tool.

As an example, the story here is that New York is dropping it`s literacy testing for prospective teachers because non white candidates fail it more than white ones. Having a less qualified teaching staff presiding over classrooms will not help those most vulnerable to failure, it is perpetuating a cycle of lower and lower standards.

As mentioned above this also creates resentment amongst those that lose a job due to race based entitlements. Not only are these lowering of standards designed for that specific reason, but in the article one of the challengers to this literacy test openly states that whites aren`t a desirable workforce.

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