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The Violent Left. Adults Assault Pro Trump Students In Schools. National Media Silent

Not long ago a highschool wrestler in New Jersey was made to get his dreads cut before a wrestling match. Even though the student was not physically or verbally assaulted this story was national news. Why? Because the wrestler was black, so this was obviously racism. Similar stories make national news anytime the alt left mass media can exploit them even if they are a non story. On the other hand, assaults against students based on political ideologies not favored by the alt left mass media go largely unreported. Some recent cases are as follows.

A school bus driver in Martin County Florida is allegedly seen on surveillance video ripping a Trump hat off a students head after repeatedly yelling at him to “take it off”. 14 year old Gunnar Johansson said “She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around. I said, ‘Write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong,’ and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy,” He also told deputies that the bus aide told him to “never wear that nonsense on this bus again.” It happened on a day where students were allowed to wear hats to school if they made a donation to the March Of Dimes but Gunnar was the only one who was told to remove his hat. The woman later told deputies that she did it because she was personally offended by the hat. Her employment status with the bus company is unknown at this point but Gunnar has said she has not been back on his route. It`s unclear whether charges have been filed against her yet.

Another story comes from Gilbert Arizona where Logan Jones was suspended for 10 days after allegedly being stalked and verbally harassed by a school resource officer. The incident occurred on “Party In The USA Day” during Perry Highschool`s spirit week when Logan and her friend wore pro Trump attire to school. After the school day was over the 2 were taking pictures holding a Trump banner in a common area when they were told to leave by the officer. As posted on the Alliance Defending Freedom website:

The two students did as they were told. But as they began to pack up and leave campus, the officer followed them and took pictures of them. Then, the officer asked for Logan’s name – who inquired why that information was needed since they were following the officer’s orders without protest. That’s when the officer directed them to go to the office to speak with Patterson. (The assistant principal) Again, the students did as they were told. On the way, Logan called her mother, who told her to wait until she got there to speak with anyone. When Logan’s mother arrived, she began talking with Patterson about the situation. After a few minutes, Principal Dan Serrano came out of his office and said, “I am tired of hearing this. Logan Jones, you are suspended for 10 days. Get off of school property.”

The ADF has since gotten her suspension repealed but Serrano has refused to take the suspension off her permanent record, which is still being challenged.

In Virginia, a black teacher is caught on video taking a white students Trump 2020 flag and wrapping it around his head. However, unlike the “racist” story about the wrestler getting a haircut, this actual assault has caused no national outrage at all.

The double standards and media bias are apparent as always. As is the fact that the left is more than willing to use violence against those they disagree with ideologically. Had any of these stories had the roles reversed (and especially with it being adults attacking children) there would be national outrage, protests, campaigns against hate, etc. It`s time to start pushing back in any legal ways possible. This is also why we need to #Resist the left`s censoring and banning of conservative and alternative media outlets. They are losing the culture war, and in their attempt to counter their losses, their tyranny is growing.

Six “Young Men” Severely Beat 59 Year Old Former Wrestler Tom Magee

6 “Young Men” Beat 59 Year Old Former Wrestler Tom Magee. Those are the headlines. The story involves a dispute over a parking spot which led to a 59 year old man being violently beaten by 6 people. One witness said “They were literally kicking him, punching him in the face and in the head,”. The assault left him with a broken jaw, broken eye socket and concussion. Pictures of Tom now and back in his wrestling hey day are posted in online news stories. What isn`t being posted is pictures or info on the “young men” other than the names and ages of 2 who were arrested- 20 year olds Justin Lee and Degrate Bryant. Why is this? Why does the media hype black victim / white perp stories but ignore white victim / black perp stories? Kind of makes you wonder what mas medias real agenda is

Man Punches Female Reporter At Woman`s Rights Rally, Female Protestors Look The Other Way

Female reporter Shelia Gunn Reid from Rebel Media was assaulted at a rally for woman`s rights in Alberta. The irony is that a woman being attacked at a woman`s rights rally saw zero woman at the protest come to her aid or attempt to defend. Once again liberal hypocrisy is demonstrated at it`s finest. More info as well as an update on the suspect here