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Anti PC Street Art Group “The Faction” Turns Bill Maher Billboard Into NPC Meme

An anti PC street art group called “The Faction” fixed a billboard in West Hollywood advertising The Bill Maher Show. The original ad promoting Maher`s upcoming HBO show had the words “The whole truth and nothing but” changed to “The whole narrative and nothing but”. Maher`s face was also covered with the NPC (Non Player Character) face. The Faction is allegedly responsible for trolling Hollywood and the liberal left in the past with Sabo also targeting Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Zuckerberg as well as the Oscars. This is the kind of anti establishment street art we need. It would be great to see more “Factions” pop up across the country.


Bill Maher Wants Americans Bankrupt & Financially Ruined Because He Opposes Trump

If you thought Nancy Pelosi stating that Americans getting a tax cut was nothing more than getting crumbs was indicative of how little the elite / liberal left really feel about Americans, Bill Maher has way outdone her. In some kind of liberal  logic, Bill Maher has stated that Trump is destroying our democracy so he therefore wishes for a recession in order to remove him. It`s unclear however what he thinks Trump is doing that is destroying our democracy. Is it enforcing our immigration laws? Is it exposing corruption and abuses of power in the upper echelon of our law enforcement agencies? Did he use the IRS to target his political foes as the last administration did? Did he use officials to spy on and unmask people involved in an opposing campaign like the last administration did? Is it wanting people to be patriotic and salute the flag honoring those who have died for our freedoms? Is it growing and strengthening the economy? I`d make a bet that it has nothing to do with his concern for our democracy, but that he is most upset that Trump doesn`t back down to the left.

As far as the economy, the last President stacked on regulation after regulation hurting and killing businesses, then declared in his magic wand speech that the jobs that left were not coming back. On top of this he did his best to ruin Americans financially with his socialist policies, most notably a tax in the form of Obamacare. Despite this America did manage to scratch and claw it`s way out of the 2008 recession. You remember that recession, where the economy crashed, and people lost their businesses and homes. That was kicked off by the failure of Bill Clinton`s Community Reinvestment Act– another democrat socialist policy. Anyway, Bill Maher wants to take us back to that recession. Forget the current record low unemployment numbers for all Americans including blacks and Latinos, the record gdp and stock market growth, the highest consumer confidence in 18 years, the deregulations that have allowed businesses to grow, the tax cuts, and so on and so on. Bill Maher (who is worth millions himself) wants to take all of that away and leave Americans suffering and bankrupt under another recession just because he opposes President Trump. Unsurprisingly, this is the mentality most democrats and leftists in general have. It shows they do not care about Americans of any color or background. They only care about being in power.

CBS News: Bill Maher defending sex between adults and minors

In wake of Milo downfall, video surfaces of Bill Maher defending sex between adults and minors

Bill Maher has been taking credit for Milo Yiannopoulos’ fall from grace, but his past may be coming back to haunt him.


But that same attention may now be coming to Maher, as a 19-year-old clip from his former ABC talk show, “Politically Incorrect,” resurfaced earlier this week. The clip features Maher defending Mary Kay Letourneau, a teacher convicted of having sex with a 12-year-old male student. Letourneau and the student went on to have two children together while he was a teenager.

“She is in jail because she is in love. That’s how I view it,” Maher said in the clip. “Basically, they’re having a family and they’re keeping the mother in jail because she won’t conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family.”

Video in the link here

Jenna Jameson Exposes Bill Maher`s Hypocrisy

Jenna Jameson Exposes Bill Maher’s Hypocrisy, ‘I’ve Seen You At The Playboy Mansion’

Hilarious: Jenna Jameson Exposes Bill Maher’s Hypocrisy, ‘I’ve Seen You At The Playboy Mansion’
January 23, 2017

Former porn star Jenna Jameson had some choice words for Bill Maher on Sunday night. The 42-year-old tweeted about Maher’s hypocrisy regarding his moral stance on Trump’s famous 2005 recording with Billy Bush.

As Maher continues to denounce President Trump on his show, even allowing Jane Fonda to call him Predator-in-Chief with no interjection, Jameson decided to share a little secret with Twitter.

    Just watched @billmaher for shits and giggles. You rail Trump about his grabbing pussy statement? lol I’ve seen you at the PB mansion, ????

    — Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) January 23, 2017

Bill Maher WhinyLittleBitch

Bill Maher recently went on a #WhinyLittleBitch tirade against virtually everyone on the Republican side of the fence. He also stated he would kill Anthony Weiner if Hillary loses. Bill Maher is an intelligent man and one that has a pretty open mind when it comes to seeing the double standards in the liberal tolerance of Islam. Somehow or other he has ignored the complete criminal activity of the Clinton campaign and has decided a globalist backed candidate who is essentially a war party candidate would be better then a man who wants to put America first because he said bad words. In response to his tirade that is quoted here, we did a little word play on it and directed it back at the liberal side:

Here we see the perfect example of the democrats army of whiny little bitches… these people are crazy. They think if Trump is elected, this is the end of civilization, right? They’re so brainwashed that we’re living in this country of disaster where there’s always a cold knife at your heart and a racist white guy at your door.