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BLM Activist C-Grimey Fired From Library For Removing Books And Burning Them

A BLM activist has been fired from his job at the Chattanooga Public Library after removing books from Conservative authors and burning them on facebook. C-Grimey says that the library instructed him to remove books to make room for new ones but say that the books he removed and burned from Ann Coulter and Donald Trump did not fit the criteria. C-Grimey (who was charged over the summer for his role in obstructing an intersection and blocking an emergency vehicle as well as taking the Sheriff’s flag from the county jail and burning it) has said his firing is politically motivated. However the case ends up, remember that Gina Carano was fired by Disney for saying that the current political climate in America is similar to that of Nazi Germany, and here you have the left actively burning books. The irony is rich.

“Woke” Latinx Author Generalizes Whites At College Speech. Students Respond By Burning Her Book

Earlier this month, Jennine Capó Crucet, a woke Latina author was invited to Georgia Southern University where she was to give a speech on being woke. In other words, she was there to berate a specific racial group based on their “privilege” and “systematic racism”.

In reality, this is nothing more than politically correct racism and it is prevalent on college campuses. Of course it didn`t go over well with the  targeted students at GSU and Crucet was challenged during the question and answer. Students reportedly asked questions like whether or not she had the authority to address issues of race and white privilege on campus, as well as another student saying “I noticed that you made a lot of generalizations about the majority of white people being privileged,”. Crucet, who obviously sees minorities as perpetual victims and therefore can`t empathize with white people or understand her own prejudiced and bias and has never been challenged on it before, called this line of questioning “hostile, surreal and strange“. In a final act of protest, students followed up their objection to the author and her narcissistic criticism by burning her books.

What poc fail to understand is that the more they make these race based attacks and generalizations and push their woke politically correct racism down people`s throats, they are doing nothing but creating division where there might not have been any in the first place. They are in fact creating a whole new group of people who are woke to their wokeness. Some people, like Elaina who posted the tweet below, just don`t seem to get that.