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The Violent Left: Attorney Charged With Shooting Disabled Veteran At George Floyd Protest

49 year old single father and disabled veteran Danny Pruitt is currently on life support after being shot at a George Floyd protest in Colorado. According to a go fund me page, Danny was on his way to get dinner when a protestor blocking the road shot into his truck hitting him in the back of the head. The Alamosa news reports that: 27-year-old Alamosa resident James Marshall (was identified as the shooter), and subsequently placed him into custody at approximately 8:40 p.m. Marshall was charged with attempted 2nd Degree homicide, 1st Degree assault, reckless endangerment, felony menacing, criminal mischief, illegal discharge of a firearm, and prohibited use of weapons. Marshall reportedly is an attorney with a second-story office in downtown Alamosa.

People on the left regularly use the argument that those on the right shouldn’t be allowed their constitutional right to protest because a riot broke out in Charlottesville leaving a woman dead after the local police herded everyone together and then stood down as chaos ensued. If we are to use this crietrion then all protests on the left should be banned as well. Aside from the general looting and vandalism that occur, you had 5 cops shot and killed at a black lives matter protest in Texas. Past instances of antifa riots as well as a mass shooting in Ohio by an antifa associate and a terrorist attack by Willem Van Spronsen more than cause concern for the general safety of the public as well. In general, the left holds a monopoly on violence and terror. The fact that these things are never mentioned by mass media or anyone else on the left when it comes to protests they support vs those they oppose further shows the authoritarian and fascistic motives behind their agenda. They can eat their moral high ground and faux outrage.

The Violent Left: Murder Spree Suspect Peter Manfredonia Advocated For Gun Control, Climate Change & More

undefinedEver wonder why you hear about the political background of some people accused of crimes and not others? Some people will have news stories run alongside the description of their crime with every facebook group they belonged to, postings they made, what kind of music they listened to and so on. In other cases you don’t hear anything. This is one of those cases.

The news ran headlines last week about Peter Manfredonia, a 23 year old murder spree suspect from Connecticut who was later captured here in Maryland. The timeline is quite disturbing as it doesn’t really show any kind of motivation for his alleged spree. The complete timeline which you can read here involves the murder of a 62 year old good Samaritan with a machete, the murder of a highschool friend, the abduction and kidnapping of his girlfriend, and a home invasion where long guns and pistols were allegedly stolen.

Now, who was Peter Manfredonia? According to his facebook he was a one of those peace loving advocate for climate change and plastic bans, an anti gun / anti toxic masculinity advocate who praised Robert “Beta” O’Rourke. In other words, another leftist nutjob just like the antifa terrorist Connor Betts who went on a shooting spree in Ohio last year. Below are a couple screenshots from his now deleted facebook. It’s curious why none of this was mentioned.

Connor Betts Was An Antifa And Elizabeth Warren Supporter. His Twitter Is Filled With Disturbing & Violent Radical Left Tweets

It’s interesting looking at mass media and the stories they are reporting. On one case you have a guy who may or may not have written a manifesto that hasn’t been verified that the media and democrat politicians is calling a white supremacist in order to push an agenda. On the other hand you have a guy who has very real verifiable links to radical left Democrats and antifa and that is being completely ignored. Below are some of the disturbing tweets from Connor`s twitter that for some reason mass media has not acknowledged #KnowYourPsyop #AntifaAreDomesticTerrorists

It`s also come out that Connor was a singer for a gore grind band in the violent antifa oriented music scene. In this article from Deathmetal.org it talks about his involvement in that music scene as well as how Kim Kelley a writer for teen vogue who was recently fired from npr because of her antifa ties, organized antifa concerts. One of the bands he was affiliated with- Neckbeard Deathcamp tweeted that Connor was not leftist, but an antifascist. In another tweet they state how leftist`s that treat women bad are pretty common in their scene. For the record, it should be stated that antifa = antifascist the same way a hamburger = ham.