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College Cheating Scandal Vs Affirmative Action Admittance

Why are the media talking heads and people in general so upset over other people paying a bribe to have their kids admitted to college that may not have deserved to be there? Affirmative action denies more people admittance who deserve to be in college than these few cases.

Oh that’s right, class warfare and social justice policies.

When it comes to bias in admittance, in some cases they don`t even hide it. Read our article Schools Vow To Continue To Discriminate Against Whites  for more info on admittance discrimination against whites and Asians.

This cheating scandal also calls into question David Hogg`s college admittance once again despite his low SAT score. Read about that here

As a side note, it was pretty hilarious hearing Elizabeth Warren say she has no sympathy for the parents caught up in the scandal. This after being exposed for faking her ancestry in order to advance her college and career standings herself.

David Hogg`s White Privilege & Harvard Admission

While there is currently a lawsuit against Harvard for discrimination in admitting Asian students, David Hogg has been accepted despite his extremely low SAT scores. Hogg`s SAT score is at 1270, while the bottom 25% of Harvard averages 1460. The fact that he has been accepted despite such a low SAT score in the face of a discrimination lawsuit against Asian students has brought questions as to whether it was his white privilege that got him in. It`s funny however that there has been no outcry from the left on this. If it weren`t for double standards they wouldn`t have any at all.

Hogg has become a darling of the left and is called a survivor of the Parkland school shooting despite never even being shot. Unlike his counterpart and schoolmate Kyle Kashuv who has taken a pro 2nd Amendment stance, Hogg has gone on an anti 2nd Amendment crusade and encourages the American youth to give up their rights. One of the things used in this effort was the March For Our Lives rallies that took place across the country. One man who expressed support for the rallies and said he attended the one in Oakland later tried to stab and kill a Republican congressional candidate.

The Violent Left: David Hogg`s March For Our Lives Supporter Tries To Stab Republican Congressional Candidate

Egged on by reckless rhetoric from mass media and democrat officials like Low IQ Maxine Waters, the last 2 years has seen a disturbing increase in violence from the left. There`s been people mailing suspicious powders to elected officials and their families, attacks from alt left terrorists like antifa, threats against elected officials and their families, and even the attempted murder of elected officials. Another anti Trumper was arrested last year charged with shooting his GOP committee man neighbor in the head and killing him, a man was arrested for threatening to kill the children of a Florida Republican rep, and not long after another one was arrested for making violent threats towards elected officials. There are plenty more stories and they keep coming.

Today`s story comes from California, where at the Castro Valley Fall Festival a man was arrested for trying to stab Republican Congressional Candidate Rudy Peters. According to witness reports posted by the SF Gate, witnesses said that 35 year old Farzad Fazeli aggressively approached Rudy at his booth and began yelling and screaming things about the GOP and yelling F*ck Trump. Fazeli then ran at him and tried to stab him with a switchblade while yelling “I`m going to kill you” but fortunately the switchblade wouldn`t open. Fazeli was arrested a short time later. Fazeli`s facebook page states that when it comes to politicians, the “street code is to self regulate since our government won’t govern and punish untouchables. In the street everyone is touchable if faulty (checks and balances)“. He also expresses support for the March For Our Lives protest as well as saying that he attended the march in Oakland. March For Our Lives is the protest organized in part by anti Trump / anti Republican activists David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.

The Left: Weaponizing Mollie Tibbets Death Is Wrong, Weaponizing Parkland Deaths Is Fine

As posted by the AP, “The father of slain Iowa college student Mollie Tibbets in an opinion piece spoke out against using his daughter’s death in support of “views she believed were profoundly racist,” a call that comes after President Donald Trump and others seized on the suspected killer’s immigration status to argue for changes in U.S. immigration laws.

In reply to this: There is nothing racist about enforcing immigration laws. What is racist however is the father’s implication that only brown people break these laws.

It goes on to say “while he supports debate on immigration, some politicians and pundits went too far in using his daughter’s death to promote political agendas.

Mass media has been reporting this over and over- that the father of Mollie Tibbets doesn’t want people weaponizing her death to push an agenda. At the same time they continue to promote David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez`s weaponizing of the deaths at Parkland to push a political agenda, all the while completely ignoring the criticism of elected officials and the mass media by Andrew Pollack in doing so. Andrew Pollack is the father of 18 year old Meadow Pollack who was killed at Parkland and has been speaking out about the weaponizing of Parkland in the temper tantrum being thrown in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump. Why aren`t they talking about this father the same way they are about Mollie Tibbets father? Agenda much?

While Hogg Plans Walkouts This Friday, Kyle Kashuv Is Setting Up Speakers To Educate Students On Facebook

On April 20th, David Hogg and the anti 2nd Amendment crew are organizing another national walkout. Kyle Kashuv (whom David Hogg has refused to debate) on the other hand is setting up an event on facebook to educate Americans on their rights. Via his twitter here “I am working on having 4 prominent speakers, one every 15 minutes, go live on Facebook at 10:00 AM-11:00 AM on Friday, to discuss ways to save lives without infringing on 2A and the importance of mental health and not bullying. Stay tuned!Read more here

Why Won`t David Hogg Debate His Peers?

Anti 2nd Amendment antagonist and system tool David Hogg has been challenged by several of his peers to a debate, yet has failed to take them up. Kyle Kashuv, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student that mass media is blacking out, has been very vocal in his defense of the 2nd Amendment and against the Hogg agenda. He`s sent requests to Hogg to debate in a one on one arena with no response. Another of his peers, Rex Jones, the son of Alex Jones from InfoWars has also challeneged him with no response. It seems Hogg is content to stick to safe spaces where he can safely bully his opponents and where his agenda won`t be challenged.