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Another Mass Shooting In Democrat Run Baltimore. This Time In Fells Point Tourist District

Alright, I’ve lost count as to how many mass shootings have happened here in Baltimore, but whatever the number is you can add another one to it. The local news is reporting that 5 people were shot in the popular Baltimore tourist area of Fells Point around 1:15 am. The victims being 3 females who were found at the scene and 2 males who later walked into a hospital.

A local democrat politician who was in Fells Point at the time did not mention the failed democrat policies that have run this city the last 50 years but instead blamed this mass shooting on large crowds that aren’t supposed to be gathering because of the corona virus. On that note, one commenter on facebook asked why Cohen was in Fells Point at 1:15 am when he’s telling people they shouldn’t be out.

Two weeks ago when corona restrictions were beginning to be lifted, Fells Point had a large number of people out and about enjoying the weather. This didn’t last long though as the police flew a helicopter over the crowd at 7 pm telling them to go home. The attitude on this quickly changed however after the George Floyd protests and nothing has been done about this new group of people gathering across the city, including the ones gathering in Fells Point where this mass shooting occurred.

Again, another mass shooting in democrat run Baltimore and another democrat passing the blame. The recent primary election results here show that the people obviously don’t want anything to change either.

NAACP Says Water Affordability Is A Race Issue In Baltimore

This post is about how advocacy groups manipulate their own people and use socialism to control them. It`s based on a new “report” from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund saying that “Water affordability is a race issue in Baltimore“. Keep in mind that Baltimore is a city that politically is black run from the top down and has been under democrat control since 1967.

Aside from setting the black community of Baltimore up for failure, this is also how the left and democrats buy off voters and keep the people they claim to be helping on the plantation- Deflect the blame and tell them they are perpetual victims of racism and give them just enough free stuff for them to survive while blaming racism and Republicans for them not having more. That is the essence of Lyndon B Johnson`s Great Society and it has been in effect in Baltimore ever since.

Enact An Electoral College Type Of Voting System For State Elections

This is the voting result for New York governor. The democrat won. This happened in other states as well. This is why I say there needs to be an electoral college type of voting set up in state races. I discussed this in my podcast here as well

I haven’t found a graphic yet but I also read in a comment earlier that locally Craig Wolf won more counties here than Frosh. If there were such a system set up here he may have won.

Social Change Activist James Cromwell Gets A Lesson In Fake News

“Social change activist” James Cromwell was recently quoted by Variety as saying that there will be blood in the streets if democrats do not win the midterm elections. It was taken by many to be another in a long line of violent provocations coming from the left since the election of President Trump and many attacked Cromwell for his violent divisive rhetoric. After receiving this backlash though, Cromwell has since walked back his statement and that he was misquoted, saying The Variety article used an out of context quote 4 a headline and got just what they wanted – twitter fired up. It would have been nice if they included the context of that statement in the article.” It`s unclear whether he was genuinely misquoted or if he is just walking back his statements after the backlash, but if he was misquoted it would be rather funny that a leftist gets a taste of mass media`s #FakeNews reporting 😀

Quotes: Rush Limbaugh- The Democrat Party Doesn`t Care About People

Using the quote from Bill Maher the other day in which he hoped that the American economy would crash and Americans would be broke and bankrupt just to get rid of President Trump, I noted that this was evidence that left does not care about people of any color or background, that they only care about power. It`s a theme we`ve posted about many times in our blog, and now I`ve come across two articles taken from Rush Limbaugh`s radio show that lays this out even more. I`m going to pull a couple quotes from them, but you should read the entire posts for a full context. They can be found here (The Epic Trump Economic Turnaround) and here (The Democrat Party Doesn’t Care About People).

“The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass of dependent people to continue to vote to prop Democrats up, and they need more and more of those as people escape lower levels of the middle class or poverty to become more self-reliant.  Self-reliance is the biggest enemy the Democrat Party has, and they need to keep supplying the country with essentially a number of people every year that will equate to a permanent underclass that will constantly elect them.  That’s why they’re registering illegals to vote with driver’s licenses sign-ups, so forth.  So they do want to eliminate the capitalist infrastructure of this country.”

“Obama’s policies were oriented toward stagnation, massively growing government, taking as much capital out of the private sector as possible and transferring it to government programs.

Make no mistake: The open-borders aspect of the Obama administration — flooding the job market with people who cannot speak the language, cannot read, do not have any skills, all of this — was oriented towards stagnating the U.S. economy. Now, I realize many people (particularly who may be new in the audience) are asking, “Why would anybody want to do that? Why would any American want to slow down the U.S. economy?”

I admit, it’s a tough thing to convince people that’s true. But don’t doubt me. Their reasons for doing things of that nature have nothing to do with you. It’s not because they care about people. All of these things you think about the Democrat Party and the American left are mostly wrong. They are into power and control, and the more dependent people are — the more people cannot get by, by way of their own efforts — the more power the Democrat Party and the American left can accumulate. It’s no more complicated than that.”

Among other things, he goes on to make another point that we`ve stressed- the point that the left gets support for their policies because they operate on emotion and not logic. (And this is the reason they shut down free speech instead of engaging in civilized debate, they know they cannot defend their ideas logically)

“You tell ’em you’re engaging in social justice for equality and fairness and to right all these previous injustices that began with the founding of the country from slavery forward. You create the idea that what you’re literally doing is establishing a utopia, where there will be no judgmentalism and there will be no unhappiness and there will be no unfairness and there will be no inequality, and there won’t be any of the things that upset people.  That’s how you attract the young.  It’s working on college campus like a dream right now.”

Again, I`d encourage you to read the full posts linked above for a complete context

Democrats Use Joe Kennedy III, A Privileged White Guy Living Off Daddy`s Money To Offer Rebuttal To SOTU Speech

I find this very ironic. Democrats constantly make the argument that Donald Trump is only successful because of his father`s money, and then they go and pick Joe Kennedy III, a privileged white guy who`s success is attributed to his family`s money to offer their rebuttal to the State Of The Union. Furthermore they used a privileged rich white guy with an estimated net worth of over $20 million to be a spokesman for the poor. We just wonder if democrats drooled over his speech as much as he did.

DNC Deputy Chair Promotes Violent Alt Left Group. Needs To Step Down From His Position

Keith-Ellison-Antifa.sized-770x415xtIt’s no secret that democrats and radical leftist organizations have always worked hand in hand behind the scenes, and the silence from democrats on violence committed by such organizations is indicative of their consent. This has become even more apparent after the election of President Trump. To further this topic, DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison recently promoted a book by the violent alt left group antifa on his social media account. There has been no condemnation from democrats on this, and whats worse, there has been no condemnation from the low energy republicans.

Again, this is collusion between the deputy chair of the democrat party and a violent terroristic alt left group and until he steps down there can be no moral high ground from them in condemning anyone else for what they call “alt right” politics. In fact, if the low energy republicans won’t address  these anti American marxists and their policies perhaps it’s time to put some America First people into office who aren’t afraid to do so.