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Democrat Run Baltimore Closing Out The Year With Another Mass Shooting & Record Murder Rate

This past weekend saw yet another mass shooting in the democrat run gun controlled utopia of Baltimore. The local news is reporting that “Police said four suspects parked a blue car, got out and fired 19 rounds into a crowd of people waiting in line outside of iVilla Hookah Lounge on Park Avenue. Investigators later discovered the suspects’ vehicle torched in Cherry Hill.” In that case none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries but several other shootings throughout the city have brought the number of murders up to 338 this year, way above the 309 from last year. All in all there were 18 shootings in the last few days. Two of those from this past weekend include the shootings of two different women at two different locations, one who was tragically killed in front of her 1 year old child. It`s reported that there have been 37 women killed in Baltimore so far this year. This also comes at a time when the democrat leadership in Baltimore faces several corruption charges including the previous mayor who was indicted on 11 Federal charges. The current mayor who hoped that with the colder weather that gang members would “… stay inside, watch TV and help kids with homework.” was just exposed for taking the homestead tax credit on a property that was not his primary residence.

Baltimore has been under democrat leadership for the past 60+ years, yet despite living under democrat policies other city officials and citizens themselves continue to blame today`s current problems on the past history of racism and “equity privilege”.  There are serious issues that need to be addressed here. Blaming “equity privilege” instead of addressing the real issues and demanding self accountability from the citizens is not going to change anything. Likewise, the citizens are just as complicit when they continuously vote in people who tell them that they have no responsibility for their actions.