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Culture Shift Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 8/11/20

Culture Shift Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 8/11/20

Today’s podcast has to do with the “hate crime attack” on Vauhxx Booker

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Hate Hoax. Rashawn Smith Arrested For Alleged Online Threats

While hate hoaxes and fake hate crimes have become very popular in this post Obama era (read here), real everyday violence from the left has persisted all the while being blacked out by mass media. The way mass media has cherry picked what to report on and what not to has undoubtedly done severe damage to race relations in this country. The latest example is that of Ahmaud Abery. Before all the facts came out mass media once again jumped on this story and set a narrative into the heads of the public. You’d think that after NBC was caught editing the 911 call to make George Zimmerman look like he was racially profiling Trayvon Martin that people would take anything that comes from mass media with a grain of salt. As shown however, and especially with the way the public has been manipulated the last 4 years, people either don’t want to think for themselves or they allow emotional propaganda to override their ability to think for themselves. The latest case is that of the Ahmaud Abery shooting. The original story mass media was reporting was that he was just out for a jog when he was hunted down and shot and killed by white racists. This narrative is changing pretty quickly as more facts are being exposed but not before creating an extremely volatile situation. One of the examples can be found with that of Rashawn Smith who is accused of setting up a fake social media account in order to create more racial and political division.

Via Andy Ngo: Georgia state investigators have arrested and charged Rashawn Smith, 20, with making a terroristic threat. Smith is accused of being the person behind a hoax Facebook account of a racist white Trump supporter who promised to kill pro-Ahmaud Abery protesters in a mass shooting.

Hate Hoax? Controversy Over Universal Employee Making “OK” Sign In Photo With Autistic Black Girl

Aside from the story out of Virginia about the black girl who said 3 white boys held her down and cut off her dreadlocks at her school, the story about the Universal employee making the OK sign in a photo with an autistic black girl was the latest outrage in racism running the headlines in mass media. As usual, and as seen by plenty of past fake hate crimes, mass media jumped the gun again. The story about the black girl being held down and having her dreadlocks cut turned out to be fake. Likewise, as the entire picture of the Universal employee and the autistic black girl is being exposed, it looks like we can add this one to the list of fake hate crimes and hate hoax`s as well.

For a quick back story, after a 4chan prank designating the “OK” hand sign as being secret code for “White Power”, the race hustlers took the bait hook line and sinker and have bow declared that the “OK” sign is a hate symbol.

This gets to our story. An employee working at Universal and dressed in a costume was shown making the OK sign in a picture with an autistic black girl. The picture was shown in very news outlet, national outrage ensued, and the employee was subsequently fired. The picture however was a cropped version of the original, which was never shown. What the uncropped picture doesn`t show is that the other black kid in the picture is making the OK sign as well.

Heres my theory: One article I read said that the picture was taken back in August. For both the Universal employee and the kid to be doing it it had to of been pre-planned and I’ll guarantee they were playing the “made you look game”. After a massive trolling effort started by 4Chan, the ADL declared that the okay sign was a white supremacist symbol and Ill bet that the family went and used the picture to create a hate hoax in order to get some kind of financial compensation. This was of course as always involved collusion from mass media who pushed it all the way. If that`s the case then the guy who was fired should sue everyone involved with this hoax. And ask yourself why mass media never showed the entire picture. Mass media is the biggest creator of racial division in this country. Quit buying into their propaganda.

Man Sentenced In “Hate Crime” Church Fire

The man who admitted to setting fire to a black Mississippi church was sentenced to 10 years in prison on May 2. The fire which took place a week before the 2016 presidential election was originally labeled a hate crime by mass media received national outrage. The words “Vote Trump” were also spraypainted on the side of the church which sent the leftist mob into even more of a frenzy. A month later Andrew McClinton, a black congregate of the church was arrested for the fire. What was curious in his case however is that while he admitted to setting the fire, he never admitted to spraypainting “Vote Trump”. According to District Attorney Dewayne Richardson, McClinton who has previous felony convictions allegedly set the fire to cover up “illicit activities” he was involved in at the church. Members of the church were to meet at the church the next day to discuss the activities.

The question here is, if McClinton didn`t spraypaint “Vote Trump” on the church, who did? Was it someone from the local media who wanted to create another national outrage like Trayvon Martin, Jussie Smollet or Smirking MAGA Hat Kid?

Canadian Cafe Owners Accused Of Fake Hate Crime

Alexander; Oxana, and Maxim Berent were arrested on Wednesday, charged with public mischief and faking a hate crime after reporting an attack at their cafe the week prior. On April 18th a report was made that vandals spraypainted the BerMax Caffé and Bistro with swastikas as well as smashed dishes, overturned tables and even assaulted Oxana Berent. The assault was said to occur while Alexander and Maxim were out of the cafe and returned to find Oxana laying on the floor with her clothes ripped. She was taken to the hospital where she was released afterwards with no serious injuries. This was the fourth reported attack in 4 months and on the eve of Passover, Adam Levy, the communications director of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg called this one “The most brazen act of anti-Semitism that we’ve seen in our community, and perhaps ever”. A fundraiser was created immediately and an interfaith community vigil was planned, all of which chnaged after video and forensic`s evidence showed no one else was present at the time of the attack. Aside form the arrest and upcoming court cases, the Berent`s have also had their lease for the cafe terminated. In an interview on a Canadian radio show prior to the arrest Oxana said about the possibility of faking the attack- “I didn’t fake,” “I will tell you something, okay? So I [hadn’t been] in the restaurant yet, but they say there were swastikas on the walls. You have to have this in your family to understand. All my grandmother’s family died in the Holocaust. Just her and her little brother survived. We don’t joke about that. . . . We don’t joke about swastikas on our walls.”


Double Standard Reporting In Unconfirmed Jussie Smullet Attack Vs Real Life Bleach Attack

A Chicago #hatecrime supposedly consists of 2 “F*cking white males!” MAGA supporters pouring bleach on a gay black man and putting a noose around his neck. The supposed attack happened in Chicago and involved Empire cast member Jusse Smollet. According to sensationalist website TMZ,

Sources directly connected to Jussie tell TMZ, the actor arrived in Chicago from New York late Monday, and at around 2 AM he was hungry and went to a Subway. We’re told when shortly after he walked out on his way home, someone yelled, “Aren’t you that f***ot ‘Empire’ n*****?” 

The 2 men — both white and wearing ski masks — viciously attacked Jussie as he fought back, but they beat him badly and fractured a rib. They put a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him and as they left they yelled, “This is MAGA country.” 

Jussie took himself to Northwestern Memorial where he was treated. He was discharged later Tuesday morning.

They also wrote that “Jussie still had the rope around his neck when he made contact with cops at 2:42 AM.  Remember, the attack happened around 2 AM.”

There has been little or no confirmation that this actually happened as reported and police have said they haven`t been able to find any security footage showing the attack so far. While stopping short of saying that this is a Fake Hate Crime until the truth comes out, I will say that it`s not very believable that 2 white guys were randomly roaming the freezing Chicago streets at 2 am carrying bleach and a noose and looking for gay black men to assault while yelling “This is MAGA country”.

Even though the left and mass media jumped the gun on Smiling MAGA Hat Kid And Drum Beating Guy, this story is the latest headlines in national news.

Meanwhile in real life, two 20 year old or so blacks (affectionately known as youths by mass media) were arrested for a home invasion in Baltimore County on a 71 year old and a 60 year old in which police said they poured bleach on one of them after putting a bag on his head. They are also accused of assaulting the 60 year old with a golf club. National media has been silent on this disgusting attack. What is mass media`s real agenda?

Jeffery Shaun King & The Race Hustlers Get Egg On Their Face Over False Story Of White Man Shooting A Black Kid

Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) has gone and done it again. He`s pushed yet another story riling up everyone over white racism when white racism had nothing to do with it. The story is of 7 year old Jazmine Barnes who tragically was shot and killed while riding with her mom and sisters early last Sunday morning. The description of the shooter was a white man with blue eyes in a red truck and led many including Jazmine`s mom to jump to the conclusion that this was a hate crime.

While ignoring other stories of black children, teenagers, adults and even black cops across the country that are killed in violence in inner cities, Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) immediately jumped on this. Everyday in between his vacation pics and anti semitic stories about how Chuck Schumer is “evil” for introducing a bi partisan bill in defense of Israel, there were posts in remembrance of Jazmine, stories of how he was talking to her parents, stories about what she wanted to be when she grew up, etc. I may be wrong but I don`t remember any of these stories for 7 year old Taylor Hayes who was shot and killed in the same fashion here in Baltimore last summer, or for her 5 year old sister who was shot a few months later.

Along with Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain), the Jazmine Barnes story led to people across the country including Shaquille O’Neal, Houston Texans star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and more speaking out and pledging financial support. Ultimately $100,000 was raised in just a week in support of her family and to help find the “white racist killer”. There was even a rally organized that fast to get “Justice for Jazmine” with a “strong turnout from the community”.

As to whether or not this was a hate crime U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said “However it is defined, it is a hateful and vicious act with violence and guns on innocent women and children driving for a Sunday morning coffee break,” “That should not be acceptable in this country.” In a conference with the sheriff, Attorney Lee Merrit said “There was no other justification or the motivation that the family could identify, other than a white male who was a complete stranger to them decided to target their family,” “He had a chance to look into the car, see young girls, observe that family, and without any other explanation he decided to riddle the car with bullets,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez himself said they were focused “on identifying who this individual is, who this coward is

As it turns out, the white man with blue eyes in the red truck just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and the gunshots actually came from another vehicle. Two black men, 20 year old Eric Black and 24 year old Larry Woodruffe have been arrested and charged with her murder. Apparently neither of them have any connection to Jazmine`s family and that this was a case of mistaken identity in a possible gang hit.

So, once again the race hustlers and mass media got egg on their face pushing another story about racism and hate crimes while exposing their double standards on racism and hate crimes. In reference to Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain), we have put up several posts here where he has done this in the past while at the same time being a horrible “activist” for the black community itself. People need to start calling him out and questioning his real motives as to whether he is there to help the black community, to cause division between the races, or just to profit from it all.

Local Media Calls A Swing A Noose And Uses It To Do A News Segment On Hate

The local media stations here have been getting roasted on social media lately for pushing so much fake propaganda. Two of the more notable recent incidents involved racist graffiti at Goucher College as well as a guy that yelled “pro Trump and pro nazi slogans” during a play of Fiddler On The Roof. In the Goucher incident, racist graffiti was found on the college campus, and even though several similar incidents at other local colleges turned out to be fake hate crimes, local media couldn`t help making this a headline story. As it turned out, the Goucher college one turned out to be fake too. In an effort to keep the racism narrative going however, after Arthur Flynn was arrested and charged with writing the graffiti, none of the outlets ran his name or the fact that he was black until later. Many commenters on the social media pages for these news outlets saw through it and lambasted them, calling them out for creating racism through deceptive and one sided reporting.

Another local story in which local media got egg on it`s face was when a man stood up and yelled “Heil Hitler!, Heil Trump!” during a play of Fiddler On The Roof at the Baltimore Hippodrome. All of the local media outlets ran this story and used it to push the “evil racist nazi republican” narrative. Again, right from the start many commenters on the social media pages for these news outlets stated that this was probably another fake incident and that the guy was probably a democrat. As it turned out, yes the guy later admitted to being anti Trump, and said he did it in protest of President Trump

You`d think the local media would calm down a little bit, but this past week they actually doubled down on stupid. Stories started coning across my news feed about a noose found in Patterson Park. As usual, based on the trends in society, my first thought was that it was planted there as a fake hate crime. Later, people started posting pictures of this “noose” and it became apparent that no, this was not a noose, it was a swing that you put your foot in and swing on. As you can guess, all of these outlets were ridiculed to the max on social media. Nevertheless local news continued to run with this story, and at least one outlet did an evening news tv segment on it combining it with the fake story of the man who yelled out during the Fiddler On The Roof play using them as evidence of the “rising tide of hate”.  Yes, this is the state of mass media, and this is why they`ve lost all credibility

“Anti Semitic Tirade” On Plane Was Not An Anti Semitic Tirade

It looks like once again mass media jumped the gun and got egg on their face reporting on “anti semitic tirades”. Just 2 weeks ago headlines were red hot reporting about a nazi yelling Heil Hitler! Heil trump! during a Fiddler On The Roof play. As it turned out the guy admitted he was an anti trumper and did it because the play reminded him of his hatred for President Trump. Similarly several news outlets over the weekend were reporting about a man who went on an “anti semitic tirade” during a plane flight last week. The reports were that he was on the plane causing a disturbance and also asked which passengers were Jewish, telling them to raise their hands. After a video of the man being arrested was posted on twitter, several people who knew him said the man is actually Jewish and was probably looking for other Jews to pray with him. What`s ironic is that during the arrest video he is heard yelling that there was a “white guy with blue eyes and he was just like Trump… he’s a Nazi!”. I haven`t seen any headlines running stories about a “Passenger Arrested After Disturbance On Plane Goes Into Tirade Against Man With Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes”. Why not?


Mass Media Gets Egg On Their Face Promoting Story About “Hate” During Fiddler On The Roof Play

This was the big news of the day yesterday and evidence of “Trump’s America”. I figured it was a democrat from the start, but mass media immediately jumped on the hate crime narrative and got egg on their face. What happened? The headlines were ablaze yesterday with the story that “Man shouts Heil Trump! Heil Hitler! at Fiddler On The Roof play”. Some headlines were even followed up with “I was scared I was going to hear gunshots next”. Yes, as the headline stated- a man stood up during intermission and yelled the phrases, but what wasn`t reported was that the man did so out of his hatred for President Trump. This lack of reporting led to a social media firestorm with people once again saying “Blame Trump! This is Trump`s America! Republicans are nazis!” To their credit The Baltimore Sun did admit this, but not until several hours after the original article was posted. The article states that 58 year old Anthony M. Derlunas had been drinking heavily and according to the police report “Derlunas said that the final scene of the play before intermission had reminded him of his hatred for the president, which is why he shouted. He was confused when people around him became angry. The officer deduced “that his intention was to express his dislike for President Donald Trump.” Of course no other outlets have done so yet that I have seen, leaving everyone once again to get riled up again over a fake hate crime and further discrediting mass media`s reporting. While stories like a man yelling something offensive in a theater did make national news, the story of a 60 year old white man who was attacked by a black man yelling that whites are the devil was nowhere to be found.