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Always Question The Narrative

The left and their cohorts in mass media always jump on a story before facts are set in stone in order to push a narrative into the head of the public. They`ll use it to force corporations, politicians or whoever to do their bidding and push their agenda through before the dust even settles. It is the use of emotion over reality in issues which in most cases the narrative isn’t even legit. This is why you should always wait and do your own research instead of jumping on board with a narrative, especially one that’s being pushed by the left.”

Lesley Stahl Discredits Herself & Media In 60 Minutes Interview With President Trump

President Trump has released the uncut footage from his interview with Lesley Stahl / 60 Minutes. He did so preemptively because as you know, these interviews are cut and chopped and there is plenty in it that could be manipulated to fit the media’s narrative. Her demeanor in it is to be expected as it’s no different that of any other establishment personality– combative and hostile. What I found most interesting was the obvious gaslighting on behalf of Lesley Stahl. With her saying that she and the media do not discredit themselves while at the same time saying things like- ‘There’s no scandal involving Joe Biden, There was no spying on your campaign, The Hunter Biden laptop can’t be verified’, she has in fact completely discredited herself and mass media. Aside from that, while she continuously pressed President Trump on wearing a mask and why he doesn’t demand that people do it, he has released a video of her surrounded by several people while she herself is not wearing a mask or properly socially distancing. You can watch that interview here. You can also bet that the network was expecting high ratings for this hostile interview, but by pre releasing the uncut footage I’m sure those ratings will be rather low now. Well played Mr. President. I still think I’ll check it out just to see what they cut and how they manipulate the footage. It would be a good lesson in how media manipulates you.

Another Racially Inflamed Fake News Story From Jeffery Shaun King

The stories we post about Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) have become so monotonous we could basically just copy and paste from past articles, like we’ve done with this one: Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) has gone and done it again. He`s pushed yet another story riling up everyone over white racism when white racism had nothing to do with it. As I said in my last post, the fact that he is allowed to stay on social media while advocating racism, destruction of property and just outright fake news is rather suspect.

Always Question The Narrative

Well, once again it looks like another left wing lie has been exposed. This one has to do with a photo of a man at the Michigan protest who is seen standing in front of a line of police yelling. The photo went viral with many on the left misidentifying the man and claiming that he was a “white supremacist” from California and using it to boost their narrative that the protesters were nothing but violent racists. As it turns out, and as usual, they got everything wrong. The man in the photo is not a “white supremacist” from California, he is a local marijuana rights activist who voted for Bernie Sanders. In fact, he said that he was upset with accusations that protesters were racist and blamed the media for pushing this narrative saying that they twist everything. Furthermore, he says that he was not indiscriminately yelling threats as the left had you believe, but he was yelling between the two cops he was standing in front of at a cop behind them who he said assaulted a woman the day before. But this is how fake news works. The left and their cohorts in mass media always jump on a story before facts are set in stone in order to push a narrative into the head of the public. They`ll use it to force corporations, politicians or whoever to do their bidding and push their agenda through before the dust even settles. It is the use of emotion over reality in issues which in most cases the narrative isn’t even legit. This is why you should always wait and do your own research instead of jumping on board a narrative, especially one that’s being pushed by the left.

Hate Hoax. Rashawn Smith Arrested For Alleged Online Threats

While hate hoaxes and fake hate crimes have become very popular in this post Obama era (read here), real everyday violence from the left has persisted all the while being blacked out by mass media. The way mass media has cherry picked what to report on and what not to has undoubtedly done severe damage to race relations in this country. The latest example is that of Ahmaud Abery. Before all the facts came out mass media once again jumped on this story and set a narrative into the heads of the public. You’d think that after NBC was caught editing the 911 call to make George Zimmerman look like he was racially profiling Trayvon Martin that people would take anything that comes from mass media with a grain of salt. As shown however, and especially with the way the public has been manipulated the last 4 years, people either don’t want to think for themselves or they allow emotional propaganda to override their ability to think for themselves. The latest case is that of the Ahmaud Abery shooting. The original story mass media was reporting was that he was just out for a jog when he was hunted down and shot and killed by white racists. This narrative is changing pretty quickly as more facts are being exposed but not before creating an extremely volatile situation. One of the examples can be found with that of Rashawn Smith who is accused of setting up a fake social media account in order to create more racial and political division.

Via Andy Ngo: Georgia state investigators have arrested and charged Rashawn Smith, 20, with making a terroristic threat. Smith is accused of being the person behind a hoax Facebook account of a racist white Trump supporter who promised to kill pro-Ahmaud Abery protesters in a mass shooting.

Mass Media Spends A Week Trying To Gaslight President Trump & Americans. Shows Their Agenda Once Again

Mass media has spent the last week on a story about President Trump, Hurricane Dorian, and Alabama. It started when President Trump was discussing Hurricane Dorian and it`s expected path, stating that it was predicted to reach as far as Alabama. Mass media immediately jumped on this to create a non story designed to do as they always do, try to attack him. Their claim- forecasters did not predict that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama, so that makes Trump an insane crazy man unfit for office. As always Trump called the media out on their fake news which led to a week`s worth of mass media gaslighting the American people. In our opinion, it is absolutely fair to question the mental fitness and agenda of the mass media who is obsessed with proving itself right on ANY issue opposite President Trump especially when it becomes a 5-day or longer story.

As always, and in an epic shitpost tweet, President Trump proved himself right while watching the fake news go down in flames 😀


National Media Promotes Story About Teen Who Taunted Mexican Schoolmate & Brutally Beat His Mom. Leave Out That The Teen Is Black

It was all over social media yesterday, “Beronica Ruiz Beaten By 13 Year Old Who Racially Taunted Her Mexican Son” accompanied by a picture of her laying in a bed, eye swollen shut and wearing a neck brace. The stories all made sure to mention that the mom was attacked while walking home with her son and her 1 year old in a stroller, and that the teen who attacked her had previously been bullying her son because he was of Mexican descent saying that Mexicans belong behind the wall.

So here you have the narrative, mom brutally attacked by a hate filled 13 year old anti immigrant racist. In today`s era of mass media extremism and manipulation of hate crime stories most normal people would question this narrative and look for more info, however you don`t need much more than that to set the narrative in the emotionally unstable left. And of course the emotionally unstable left came out in full force. “F*cking white male Trump supporters!” White Racism” This is Trump`s America” and so on. This is why (surprisingly aside from the Washington Post) that every other news article I`ve seen has not made mention that the teen who beat the mom was black.

The agenda is as clear as ever. By exploiting stories like this, about a smirking kid in a MAGA hat, or numerous other fake hate crimes, mass media is setting a distorted and dishonest representation of what America is. In reality, by purposely distorting the stats of hate crimes, they are doing more to fuel division and racism then they are trying to end it. By creating the idea that only whites, or in other words- “F*cking white males!” commit racist hate crimes they are not only creating a false sense of white guilt in white Americans, but they are creating a hatred against whites by other groups of people. It is deception and purposeful divisiveness, and it is malicious. This agenda needs to be challenged.

The Glass Ceiling Has Been Shattered! Rachel Maddow`s Ratings Hit Yearly Low

It`s not good news for the left leaning news outlets. Many left leaning outlets, both tv news and online publications like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have been steadily laying people off as well as hitting new lows in ratings. Disney recently revealed that their $400 million investment in Vice News was basically worthless. It was reported that CNN even had lower prime time ratings than Nickelodeon and now are reportedly laying off employees. After the wrap up of the Mueller report, the ratings for these stations and outlets have continued to plummet with Rachel Maddow`s show on MSNBC shattering the glass ceiling and hitting a yearly low.

I have to say, there`s nothing more pleasing then seeing these news organizations who have used their platforms to manipulate the public and slander whoever they want in order to advance their own agenda start to fall apart and lose credibility.

Fake Hate Crime & Media Deception. Nooses Hung Around Mississippi State House Were Put There As A Democrat Protest

I called it, and anyone who has been paying attention to trends in society should have been able to call it as well, the nooses hung near the Mississippi state capital were put there by democrats. What I didn`t know because it wasn`t reported until later, was that those who did it didn`t try to hide the fact that they did it because it was part of a protest.

The back story to this is as follows- a special election was being held in Mississippi for a senate seat after the former holder retired in April. It was being called a tightly contested race between Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith and Democrat Mike Espy. With Cindy Hyde-Smith being white and Mike Espy being black, and especially with Mississippi being in the deep south, democrats of course played the race card. The main thing they focused on was a comment that Hyde-Smith made that was taken out of context in which she said she valued her relationship with a friend so strongly that she would attend a public hanging with him. This comment was weaponized by the left and used against her in a state “struggling to overcome it`s racist history”.

Things came to a head the night before the election when nooses were found hanging around the Mississippi state capital. The local news reported on it saying that nooses and hate signs were found and then headlines were ablaze nationwide. One far left establishment news outlet reported that “Nooses were found just before a runoff election to determine whether a black man will hold a Senate seat in Mississippi” making the implication that this was a warning from white supremacists. Former DNC chair Donna Brazile (who admitted to leaking debate info to Hillary Clinton during the primary) even got in on it commenting on twitter– “We are better than this!

What wasn`t reported until later that night was that in reality the “hate signs” made it clear that the nooses were put up as a protest against Cindy Hyde-Smith and lynchings. This omission imo was used to rile up democrats and get them out to vote to “oppose racism”. If this is the case, this is deliberate deception and should be a case for election interference. It`s never been more clear than in the last two years that mass media has been complicit in deception and misinformation in favor of democrats and their agenda. This is why I said in my last post not to let yourself be manipulated by the first thing you see being propagandized by mass media. Step back and look into it from all angles. The truth always comes out.

As an addendum, after finding the nooses Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant said “… there is absolutely no place in our state for these unacceptable symbols or tactics to intimidate others. If we find evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a federal crime has occurred, these criminals will be swiftly prosecuted and held accountable.” I have to wonder if there will still be prosecutions now that it`s been discovered that democrats put them up. While the exact intent to intimidate may not have been a motive, these “unacceptable symbols” do in fact intimidate people, and this intimidation was exacerbated and facilitated even more by mass media who declined to report the entire story from the get go.