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Florida Voting Fraud

We haven`t put up any posts here yet on the election fraud going on in Florida mainly because there are plenty of articles already going around addressing it. Quite simply, the past actions of Brenda Snipes have been exposed, the current actions of Brenda Snipes have been exposed, ballot boxes are appearing out of everywhere with no accountability and chain of command assigned to them, and democrats are demanding that “all votes need to be counted”, even those from non citizens. As Marco Rubio rightly stated: “Florida law requires counties report early voting & vote-by-mail within 30 minutes after polls close. 43 hours after polls closed 2 Democrat strongholds Broward County & Palm Beach County are still counting & refusing to disclose how many ballots they have left to count.” Despite this they are being allowed to continue to obstruct and break the laws. I don`t understand why low energy Republicans keep playing by Democrats rules. President Trump rightly tweeted, “An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!

While Mass Media Covers A Fake Starbucks Story, They Ignore A Real Interracial Assault

While mass media continues to get everyone up in arms about 2 black men who were arrested at a Starbucks for REFUSING TO LEAVE WHEN ASKED TO, a brutal beating of a white security guard by 3 black teens is being completely ignored. A quick google search shows only an article from the local newspaper and one from a news outlet in the UK. Nothing appears on this from any of the major news outlets that have been covering the fake Starbucks story. The only one covering it- The Miami Herald has just a one line statement saying “A security guard from Tallahassee, Florida, was brutally beaten by three young people, after he asked them to end a pool party that was held “without authorization” on April 1, 2018. Officers are now looking for the aggressors.

Why aren`t there any outlets addressing this hate crime? Is there some kind of double standard in news reporting?

Suspected Serial Killer In Arizona Arrested & The White Vs Black Serial Killer Myth

Somehow or other the myth that only white people are serial killers has been allowed to flourish despite evidence to the contrary. In November black serial killer Howell Emanuel Donaldson III was arrested in Florida for several random murders. Most recently Cleophus Cooksey Jr.- another black serial killer and felon turned aspiring rapper who nicknamed himself Playboy, was arrested in December for murdering his mother and step father in Arizona. He has since been tied to nine other murders over a three week period between Thanksgiving.

According to Dr. Mike Aamodt, a professor of psychology at Radford University and founder of the Serial Killer Information Center: “if you combine US serial killers across all decades, 52% of serial killers have been white [and] 40% black … However, if you just look at the past three decades: 37% were white [and] 60% were black.” Read more here. And it`s not just serial killers that get this treatment. Everyone knows about Charles Manson and the murders his followers committed, but very few people know about Yahweh ben Yahweh and the murders committed by his followers, many of which were racially based.