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Kavanaugh Refusing To Shake Hand Of Parkland Father Is Fake News

It`s the latest attack on Brett Kavanaugh- That he refused to shake the hand of Fred Guttenberg whose daughter was killed in the Parkland school shooting. Establishment media as well as democrats are running with this story claiming it shows his questionable values. This is purely propaganda and fake news. The violent left has been against his nomination from the start and some have even been calling for violence in protest. During the opening statements at the hearing protestors are yelling and screaming, and then in the middle of it all you have some random guy running up to him claiming to be someone and expects him to just accept that. No, that’s not how this works. He did the right thing and got out of there. But the left hopes you fall for it as they control their sheep by relying on emotion over logic and reality. And once again, establishment media and the left are weaponizing a father who suits their agenda and ignoring the one who doesn`t.