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While Hogg Plans Walkouts This Friday, Kyle Kashuv Is Setting Up Speakers To Educate Students On Facebook

On April 20th, David Hogg and the anti 2nd Amendment crew are organizing another national walkout. Kyle Kashuv (whom David Hogg has refused to debate) on the other hand is setting up an event on facebook to educate Americans on their rights. Via his twitter here “I am working on having 4 prominent speakers, one every 15 minutes, go live on Facebook at 10:00 AM-11:00 AM on Friday, to discuss ways to save lives without infringing on 2A and the importance of mental health and not bullying. Stay tuned!Read more here

Why Won`t David Hogg Debate His Peers?

Anti 2nd Amendment antagonist and system tool David Hogg has been challenged by several of his peers to a debate, yet has failed to take them up. Kyle Kashuv, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student that mass media is blacking out, has been very vocal in his defense of the 2nd Amendment and against the Hogg agenda. He`s sent requests to Hogg to debate in a one on one arena with no response. Another of his peers, Rex Jones, the son of Alex Jones from InfoWars has also challeneged him with no response. It seems Hogg is content to stick to safe spaces where he can safely bully his opponents and where his agenda won`t be challenged.