Pennsylvania Township Puts Emotion Over Your Lives. Shuts Down Fire Company Because Of Volunteer`s Association With Proud Boys

In the latest case of the left putting emotion over reality, a Pennsylvania Township has shut down a volunteer fire company that has served their community for over 100 years after they refused to accept the resignation of a 6 year veteran and the company`s vice president. The volunteer in question was being singled out simply because he was alleged to have ties to The Proud Boys- a men`s only club which advocates for the preservation of western civilization that has been labeled an extremist group by those that hate western civilization.

After being informed that the volunteer may have been involved with the Proud Boys, the local township urged an investigation into this “serious matter”. After the company found no wrong doing and refused to accept the individual`s resignation, the township shut the entire fire station down.

A statement from the Haverford Township manager David Burman says that “The Bon Air Fire Company’s failure to address this matter conflicts with the public policy of Haverford Township, which includes ensuring that all persons are treated fairly and equally, and that all persons enjoy the full benefits of citizenship.” Read that little piece of NewSpeak again. It says that it says that the public policy of Haverord Township ensures that all persons are treated fairly and equally and shall enjoy the full benefits of citizenship. Now recognize the irony in the unfair treatment that Burman and the township exhibited in singling a man out for punishment because they disagreed with his politics. What`s even more repugnant, is that not only was a man singled out and targeted by David Burman and the township, but they shut down an entire fire station when the station stood against the township`s unfair selective punishment… and in doing so they put people`s lives at risk. A statement urging people to contact Haverford Township to protest this closing says that the closure will deprive the community of 37 firefighters and three firetrucks during emergencies. You can read the statement from the Bon Air Fire Company addressing this here.

This time this is not simply a case of emotion over reality, this is a case where they are saying people’s hurt emotions are more important than your lives. This is the state of the left.

Straight Sex Is Rape. The State Of The Left

These are fliers that #AntifaAreDomesticTerrorists were handing out at the Straight Pride March organized by Super Happy Fun America in Boston yesterday

It should also be noted that the parade, which featured Milo Yiannopoulos as headmaster, also had the LGBTrump supporters as participants. They are the group who were denied the right to participate in Rochester`s Pride Parade

Man Sentenced In “Hate Crime” Church Fire

The man who admitted to setting fire to a black Mississippi church was sentenced to 10 years in prison on May 2. The fire which took place a week before the 2016 presidential election was originally labeled a hate crime by mass media received national outrage. The words “Vote Trump” were also spraypainted on the side of the church which sent the leftist mob into even more of a frenzy. A month later Andrew McClinton, a black congregate of the church was arrested for the fire. What was curious in his case however is that while he admitted to setting the fire, he never admitted to spraypainting “Vote Trump”. According to District Attorney Dewayne Richardson, McClinton who has previous felony convictions allegedly set the fire to cover up “illicit activities” he was involved in at the church. Members of the church were to meet at the church the next day to discuss the activities.

The question here is, if McClinton didn`t spraypaint “Vote Trump” on the church, who did? Was it someone from the local media who wanted to create another national outrage like Trayvon Martin, Jussie Smollet or Smirking MAGA Hat Kid?

The Violent Left. Man Punches Priest & Ask`s How`s Trump. National Media Silent

Another day another attack from The Violent Left. An obvious political / religious attack occurred last week at a gas station in Burien, WA when a man approached an Orthodox Priest and punched him in the head. As reported by Kiro7Abbot Tryphon said “I have never been hit as hard,” the Russian Orthodox priest said Wednesday. The at-large suspect “zeroed in on my cross, because when he started coming my direction, he had this look of anger.” It goes on to say ” …the man who struck him first asked, “How’s Trump?” When  Abbot Tryphon answered, “I have no idea, that’s when he hit me.” Police later arrested the 33 year old suspect

Despite this being an obvious political / religiously motivated attack by a 33 year old man on an elderly Priest, there has been no national outrage from the talking heads in mass media. This attack has been ignored the same way these have. As always, had this been a politically / religiously motivated attack by a “F*cking White Male!” on a Rabbi or an Imam you can bet it would be national news. Stories such as these are why the leftist run corporate establishment wants to censor and deplatform alternative news outlets and journalists. The only thing they had to be able to hold on to power and create the matrix was control of the media, but in this internet age where everyone has an equal voice their matrix has been exposed and is falling apart. They are scared and have resorted to totalitarian censorship and financial terrorism to silence those who fight against them in the culture war. These dystopian tactics need to be challenged and fought against.


The Violent Left. Immigrant Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat

Another day another attack from The Violent Left. Last Saturday an immigrant from Togo was allegedly attacked while walking in his neighborhood in Germantown, Maryland. Atsu Nable says he was walking off his dinner and enjoying the weather when 2 men approached him and started harassing him over his hat telling him to take it off. Nable says he refused and tried to walk away when he was hit from behind and knocked down where they continued to punch him. 27 year old Jovan Crawford and 25 year old Scott Roberson were later arrested and charged with second-degree assault and several other offenses. The pair were also charged with robbery as they took his phone and destroyed it after Atsu took a picture of them.

Atsu, who volunteered for Trump`s 2017 inauguration, says he will continue to wear his hat with no fear. As an immigrant who moved here in 2007 and has since become a citizen he said  “I came here for freedom” and that he has a right to his political beliefs.

Man Cut With Sword After Attacking Man Wearing MAGA Hat

This story is a good lesson in keeping your hands to yourself. With enough of these lessons maybe The Violent Left will start to learn that they cannot go around physically attacking innocent people just because they don`t agree with them. This story comes out of San Francisco and the news reports about were rather weird and sparse which of course led me to believe that there was more to it than what was being reported. Most of the headlines stated something like- Sword Wielding Man Wearing MAGA Hat Slashes Victim which would obviously lead you to believe that some crazy guy in a MAGA hat was randomly walking around with a sword attacking people. Of course that is the story mainstream media would like you to believe as it pushes their narrative that Trump supporters are unhinged racist (insert any other derogatory adjective here) etc. The story as it`s been coming out however states that the suspect and the victim were walking towards each other when the victim knocked the suspect`s MAGA hat off, at which time MAGA hat guy slashed his hand with a sword.

Just to make a few notes on this:

1. In reality this would make MAGA hat guy the victim.

2. This should be a lesson in keeping your hands to yourself, something that the Violent Left does not seem to understand.

3. Why was this man carrying around a sword? Perhaps to defend himself against the Violent Left who think it`s ok to physically assault those who they disagree with.

MAGA hat guy- 30-year-old San Francisco resident Leor Bergland has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder, mayhem, aggravated assault, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger and brandishing a weapon. It`s our opinion that given the history of attacks from The Violent Left, this is a simply a case of self defense. We`ll be looking more into this case as it develops.

Woman Admits To Slashing Man`s Tire Because Of His MAGA Hat

Another day, another unhinged attack from The Violent Left

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being the victim of pure hate because of my belief.”, that is a quote from Nick Dugas, a victim of a politically motivated attack in Arizona. After leaving work, Nick, who is a security manager at Paradise Valley Mall, saw that someone had slashed his tire. After checking security footage he was able to identify the woman who did it and was able to track her down. She admitted to doing so because she was triggered by his red MAGA hat sitting on the dashboard and was charged with criminal damage and given a $750 fine. In a statement Dugin wrote “In this case, the right thing to do is to forgive you rather than spill hatred onto you like you did to me. Rather than wish upon you the same fear you wished upon me that day. But I really hope that you are listening. Just because I have a different yet equally as important view as you do, it doesn’t EVER give you the right to spew hate, cause fear, and interrupt someone else’s life.”