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De’Andre Brown Arrested For Fourth Of July Mass Shooting In Atlanta. National Media Silent

It was another mass shooting that curiously did not receive much attention from the talking heads in mass media. This one occurred when a large crowd was gathered watching fireworks during a street party in the early morning hours in Atlanta. It’s also reported that people were street racing, and at around 2 am on July 5th a pedestrian was struck by a car which led to an argument which then quickly led to gunfire. By the time it was over 14 people were shot leaving 2 dead. De’Andre Brown was caught and arrested 2 months later after being stopped for street racing.

The fact that this mass shooting happened during the July 4th national holiday weekend made it even more curious as to why this never got much attention. The only thing I can figure is that like these stories, it did not fit their narrative. This wasn’t however the only shoting that occurred in Atlanta over the July 4th weekend. It’s reported that there were 11 different shootings with 31 injured and 5 dead. Tragically one of those victims was 8 year old Secoriea Turner. Secoriea was killed riding in the backseat of a car after it exited the highway and a group of people standing in front of a parking lot open fired on it.

While mass media and the the race hustlers continue to bring up Charlottesville, while they continuously demand that Trump denounce White supremacy (which he continuously does), and while they continue to distort facts in place of a narrative and use emotion over reality, Leonydus Johnson has compiled a list of 62 children that have been killed by gun violence so far this year. In Philadelphia alone, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported back in August that 100 kids have been shot in that city alone. You can bet that number has gone up since then.

Once again, it’s curious why mass media and the race hustlers never address the everyday crime in democrat run inner cities. Could it be that they don’t really care? That they are just trying to push an agenda to gain power? Did you ever think that maybe they’re just using you?

Another Mass Shooting In Democrat Run Baltimore. Apologists Blame It On A Dice Game

Yes this headline has been used several times on this site in one form or other. In fact, when it comes to mass shootings in democrat run Baltimore, this is at least the tenth one in the last year. You can browse through our previous posts documenting them here.

The latest mass shooting happened on Greenmount Avenue where 5 people ranging in age from 16 to 53 were shot. It’s reported that the group had been gathered together playing dice when an unidentified individual in a vehicle pulled up and open fired at them. One victim was hit in the shoulder, another in the foot and leg with other’s being more serious in neck, head and chest. There was no immediate info on their conditions but homicide detectives were brought in to help with the investigation. As usual, the local mass media and leftist apologists are making excuses and blaming dice games for the violence. A quick google search with the words- “dice game violence Baltimore” will bring up many articles attempting to shift the blame from the city’s failed leadership to blaming dice games. Just to break down this absurdity-

  • Create story about how Baltimore violence is linked to dice games and say something needs to be done.
  • Dice games / gambling is already illegal.
  • Prior to the Freddie Gray riots and consent decree, Baltimore Police enforced the law and charged people they found engaging in illegal gambling games.
  • After Freddie Gray riots the DOJ reported that Baltimore Police were over emphasizing enforcement and were told not to enforce the illegal gambling laws.
  • Several years later the left makes more demands to restrict policing in Baltimore.
  • Violence breaks out at dice game leaving several shot. Outrage ensues with demands that something needs to be done.

So again you see the absurd circle of logic that exists in democrat run cities. The fact that just because violence has occurred surrounding dice games, the dice games are not the problem. It’s no different than the left blaming guns for murders. As Baltimore has some rather strict gun laws, this shows that banning things, whether it’s dice games, drugs or guns shows that banning things does not make them go away. To blame this last mass shooting on a dice game without addressing the culture of violence that exists in these communities shows the disingenuous attitude of those who pretend to care. The root cause is in a culture that does not value life. Just to emphasize this even more, this “mass shooting caused by a dice game” wasn’t the only shooting that occurred, instead it came during a particularly violent week in Baltimore. A tweet sent out by the Baltimore City FOP stated that: “In the last 10 days there have been 19 homicides & 43 failed murders (shootings) in Baltimore. Also there have been many stabbings/cuttings. There is no discernible crime plan for the daily violence and the BPD is making no progress in filling the 500 vacancies. #CityinCrisis “.

There can be no doubt that the current cycle of violence, the break down of the schools and education process, the economic crisis and so on all stem from the last 50+ years of democrat rule. There is however a very active large contingent of Republicans running for office up and down the ballot this year and the people of Baltimore have a real chance this election cycle to make changes in how this city is run. The question is- Will the people of Baltimore continue to be fooled by the identity politics of the democrat party, or will they vote with their conscience for what they know will be a change from the status quo?

Juneteenth & Father’s Day Weekend: Mass Shooting In N.C. & 100 Shot In Chicago

A mass shooting in North Carolina and over 100 shot in Chicago, that’s not what you’d expect during a Juneteenth / BLM / Father’s Day weekend but that’s what we got.

In Charlotte, North Carolina it’s being reported that 9 people were shot leaving 2 dead, and 5 were people hit by cars Sunday night. This comes after a weekend long block party in which hundreds of people showed up. Police aren’t sure what led up to the shooting but they say several people were involved and fired over 100 rounds.

In Chicago over this Juneteenth / Father’s Day weekend, a year to date weekend record of 104 were reportedly shot. This weekend of violence left 14 dead including 4 teens and a 3 year old boy.

Violence across the country in general in black communities has seen an uptick since the George Floyd / BLM protests, but they’ll keep gaslighting you and telling you conspiracy theories about racist cops while pulling down statues. This is not the way you get support from the public. This is how you create division and turn people off, and it is why regular everyday Americans black and white laugh in disgust at you.

Another Mass Shooting In Democrat Run Baltimore. This Time In Fells Point Tourist District

Alright, I’ve lost count as to how many mass shootings have happened here in Baltimore, but whatever the number is you can add another one to it. The local news is reporting that 5 people were shot in the popular Baltimore tourist area of Fells Point around 1:15 am. The victims being 3 females who were found at the scene and 2 males who later walked into a hospital.

A local democrat politician who was in Fells Point at the time did not mention the failed democrat policies that have run this city the last 50 years but instead blamed this mass shooting on large crowds that aren’t supposed to be gathering because of the corona virus. On that note, one commenter on facebook asked why Cohen was in Fells Point at 1:15 am when he’s telling people they shouldn’t be out.

Two weeks ago when corona restrictions were beginning to be lifted, Fells Point had a large number of people out and about enjoying the weather. This didn’t last long though as the police flew a helicopter over the crowd at 7 pm telling them to go home. The attitude on this quickly changed however after the George Floyd protests and nothing has been done about this new group of people gathering across the city, including the ones gathering in Fells Point where this mass shooting occurred.

Again, another mass shooting in democrat run Baltimore and another democrat passing the blame. The recent primary election results here show that the people obviously don’t want anything to change either.

Another Mass Shooting In Democrat Run Baltimore

Stay home! Stay safe! That’s the mantra officials are telling people in this corona crisis but just like with gun control laws, of course you can’t expect people who don’t follow laws to abide by such things, and Baltimore is exemplary of that. Following up on one of the deadliest years ever, the homicide rate in democrat run Baltimore this year is on the same pace as last year, at some points averaging even higher. Several of those murders have come from mass shootings which are pretty common in the gun controlled democrat run city. There have been several this year so far including one that was witnessed by a cop who may have stopped it from being worse than it was. Another one in March left one man dead and three others injured.

Yesterday yet another mass shooting occurred in which 4 people were shot. It’s curious why these never make national news. On another subject, the entire country is currently protesting the shooting death of a black man in Georgia who attacked a white man that had a gun. The details around what happened are still not clear, but this is still national news and race hustlers like Jeffrey Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) are up in arms. The real question is to why these people never address the everyday crime in democrat run inner cities and why these mass shootings never receive national media attention. Do you think there might be some kind of agenda behind it?

Mass Shooting On Greyhound Bus. National Media Silent

Have you ever noticed how the talking heads in mass media pick and choose which stories to be outraged over, even though the story lines are basically the same? Well, just like these, this is another one of them.

This past Monday 1 person was killed and 5 others were shot in a mass shooting on a Greyhound Bus in California. Witnesses said that Anthony Devonte Williams was cursing and muttering incoherently when another passenger asked him to be quiet. He then allegedly pulled out a gun and began firing indiscriminately shooting 6 people before the other passengers subdued him. A 51 year old woman from Columbia was killed. The bus which was in route during the shooting pulled over and Williams was taken off the bus by the passengers and he was later arrested. Aside from the gun, several magazines were also found leading to speculation as to his motive. But once again, mass media has decided to report this story in passing and have dropped it. Why is this one different from others that they use to exploit for gun control? As a related side note, the Greyhound website says that they do not allow people to carry explosives, dangerous chemicals and firearms on their buses proving again that such laws only disarm law abiding citizens leaving them defenseless against criminals.

Good Guys With Guns Stop Bad Guy With Gun In Texas Church

You`ve all seen the video already, where a shooter goes into a Texas Church and immediately gets shot in the head by a Chad boomer after killing a man. If it had not been for an armed patron in the church this could have turned into a much worse scenario. In fact, it wasn`t just 1 armed man, but you see up to 10 different people inside the church drawing weapons. This is how you stop a bad guy with a gun and protect you and your fiends and family. The gun control crowd wants to prevent you from protecting your friends and family. They want to make you a victim. Thankfully (until mass immigration turns it blue) Texas is still run by a Constitutional Republican Governor and in September laws were passed allowing people to carry their guns in places of worship as well as other expanding the rights of gun owners in other places. It should be noted that these laws were condemned by Joe “Hairy Legs” Biden, the establishment`s democrat presidential pick.


Democrat Run Baltimore Closing Out The Year With Another Mass Shooting & Record Murder Rate

This past weekend saw yet another mass shooting in the democrat run gun controlled utopia of Baltimore. The local news is reporting that “Police said four suspects parked a blue car, got out and fired 19 rounds into a crowd of people waiting in line outside of iVilla Hookah Lounge on Park Avenue. Investigators later discovered the suspects’ vehicle torched in Cherry Hill.” In that case none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries but several other shootings throughout the city have brought the number of murders up to 338 this year, way above the 309 from last year. All in all there were 18 shootings in the last few days. Two of those from this past weekend include the shootings of two different women at two different locations, one who was tragically killed in front of her 1 year old child. It`s reported that there have been 37 women killed in Baltimore so far this year. This also comes at a time when the democrat leadership in Baltimore faces several corruption charges including the previous mayor who was indicted on 11 Federal charges. The current mayor who hoped that with the colder weather that gang members would “… stay inside, watch TV and help kids with homework.” was just exposed for taking the homestead tax credit on a property that was not his primary residence.

Baltimore has been under democrat leadership for the past 60+ years, yet despite living under democrat policies other city officials and citizens themselves continue to blame today`s current problems on the past history of racism and “equity privilege”.  There are serious issues that need to be addressed here. Blaming “equity privilege” instead of addressing the real issues and demanding self accountability from the citizens is not going to change anything. Likewise, the citizens are just as complicit when they continuously vote in people who tell them that they have no responsibility for their actions.

2 More Mass Shootings In Baltimore Leave 3 dead

2 more mass shootings occurred in the gun controlled democrat run utopia of Baltimore last night. As usual they are not being called mass shootings by the majority of local news outlets, instead being called quintuple and quadruple shootings in the headlines. The first took place when two gunmen approached five people hanging out on a corner outside of a store and open fired. A man who was shot in the head and a woman who was shot in the chest were killed. A few hours later four people were shot in an apartment leaving a 19 year old dead. Meanwhile the city council is advancing bills to ban plastic bags as well as name a courthouse after Elijah Cummings. I`d think it would be more appropriate to name one of the beautiful streets in his Baltimore district after him where his legacy can be remembered by his voters.

Another issue the city is taking up is proposing a $1.19 million dollar plan to keep “kids” from harassing motorists at intersections for money under the guise of washing their windows. There have been over 1,200 complaints about these youthful entrepreneurs since June alone. The previous mayor likewise proposed a $2 million plan to reward 100 of these kids for harassing motorists and said she hoped the “private sector” would fund this. In other words, if you want the kids to stop harassing and assaulting you then you need to pay for it because the city isn`t going to do anything about it otherwise. The question is though- Who was to fund the next $2 million when 100 more kids pop up to take the old ones place harassing motorists?

Just last week a woman said she was surrounded in her BMW by a group of “squeegee kids” who began harassing her and blocked her from driving away. Between the harassment and the fact that violent carjackings are common place in Baltimore this woman obviously feared for her safety. As the owner of a lawful firearms carry permit, she took out her gun and made it known that she was armed. She said one young entrepreneur reached in her car and grabbed her arm at which time her gun discharged and they ran off. That is how you solve the problem. You allow the citizens of Baltimore the right to protect themselves, not treat violent offenders like victims and coddle them. This would be one of my platforms if running for mayor.

2 Hispanic Suspects Wanted for Mass Shooting At A Kansas City Bar. National Media Silent

A mass shooting at a a Kansas City bar resulted in 9 people being shot leaving 4 of them dead. The incident occurred late Saturday early Sunday when police say that a bartender refused to serve 29 year old Hugo Villanueva-Morales after having problems with him before. At that time Morales became irate and threw a cup at the bartender and was then forced from the bar with the help of several patrons. Police say that close to closing time he returned with a friend, 23 year old Javier Alatorre, at which time the shooting occurred.  Alatorre was arrested Sunday afternoon while Villanueva-Morales is still on the run. According to the Kansas City Star, Javier Alatorre had just been released from jail in Missouri over objections from prosecutors saying

Javier A. Alatorre, 23, has three pending felony criminal cases in Jackson County related to drugs, fleeing from police and tampering with a motor vehicle. He also had served a brief stint in a Kansas prison for attempting to flee from police by driving recklessly.

Last month, Alatorre sought to get his bond reduced so that he could get out of jail. The prosecutor objected to his request, saying that Alatorre was a flight risk and danger to the community.

Prosecutors said Alatorre has committed new crimes while out on bond and that pending cases and bond conditions had no effect on the defendant’s actions.

Despite the objections, a judge granted Alatorre’s request and set his bond at $3,500 — without paying anything at all.

Then the judge released Alatorre on his on own recognizance.

The second suspect, Hugo Villanueva-Morales, was arrested in August after being involved in another confrontation outside a bar. In this case a man who was kicked out of a bar returned with Morales who then allegedly assaulted an off duty Jackson County deputy who was working security. During his arrest it`s said that he also spit blood in the deputy`s face. He was scheduled to face trial on October 28th.

This shooting which took place at Tequila KC is a heavily Hispanic patronized bar and the incident was immediately being called a hate crime. Once more details started coming out the national news outlets predictably dropped the story. You`d think 9 people being shot and 4 killed in a bar would get the same headlines that similar stories would get, but I guess like these, this one didn`t fit their narrative.