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Liberal Logic: Wayfair & Migrant Center Beds

Liberal Logic: Wayfair & Migrant Center Beds

As always, democrats don`t care about these people. They want to use them for their own agenda. But for the record, I stand with the employees of Wayfair who are protesting their employer selling beds to migrant camps. I don’t think illegal immigrants should be given beds or other free stuff either

Society`s Standards: Smiling Kid Bad. 11 Year Old Transgender Kid Dancing On Stage At LGBT Bar & Photographed With Naked Man Ok

These Are The Standard`s In Modern Day Society

In case you`re not familiar with the story, an 11 year old boy who is celebrated by mass media for being transgendered was featured in a photo shoot with a naked man. This was no outrage from mass media or the left. Back in December he danced on stage at 3 Dollar Bill, a lgbt bar in Brooklyn New York, where adults threw money at him as if he was a male stripper. There has been no national outrage from mass media or the majority of the left on this as well. What has caused national outrage? A kid standing silently and peacefully in front of an Indian who was banging a drum in his face.

SJW`s Are Real Life NPC`s

The NPC meme is one of the most accurate memes depicting real life that has come out in awhile. Predictably the left is freaking out over it because it is so accurate. In case you`re unfamiliar with it, NPC stands for Non Player Character and is modeled after the robotic pre programmed characters in video games. It is being used to depict social justice warrior`s and the modern day left who always have the same pre programmed response to arguments and situations in general, thus proving that they are not able to think for themselves.