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Financial Terrorism To Enforce Thought Control & Conformity: Social Media Network GAB Banned From 3 Banks In 3 Weeks

One of the most effective ways the left has pushed fascism on this country is to employ financial terrorism against those whose views they disagree with. This is better known as cancel culture- the act of getting people fired or removed from jobs and positions of influence where they lose the ability to provide a living for themselves and their family. As I’ve been documenting and speaking out against the last several years, this is not just simply limited to being doxxed by mass media or internet social justice warriors who then have people barrage your place of employment with harassing phone calls, but it also extends into corporate America with banks, credit card companies, and website hosts shutting down their services to your company. On an individual level this has effectively silenced many people from voicing their opinions online, and on a business level it has shut down your right as a consumer to purchase books or other items that your corporate overlords do not want you to read.

The newest attempt to enforce conformity and circumvent the 1st Amendment is with social media network GAB. GAB’s founder Andrew Torba has said that they have been banned from 3 banks in 3 weeks due to smears from the left wing propaganda arm known as mass media. After oppressive measures to regulate speech as well as news that didn’t fit the left wing orthodoxy, many users went to alternative social media outlets that allowed the free exchange of ideas like Parler and GAB. They both have been targeted heavily by the Anti-American radical left and their cohorts in mass media since. Torba says that “We sell hats, shirts, and a software license to our GabPRO service. We have a community that respects law and order. Yet we have banks and other services banning us left and right,”

Before leaving office President Trump signed an order saying that entities like banks and credit card companies could not target people / businesses because of politics. This practice was used in the Obama administration (the only president to never have a scandal) under the name Operation Chokepoint. Research it more if you haven’t heard of it. Biden struck this order down effectively allowing financial terrorism to be used against anyone the left dominated corptocracy deems a threat to their agenda.

In short, the left has had to resort to totalitarian tactics to censor and de-platform people and news outlets in order to protect their narrative and agenda. The only thing they had to be able to hold on to power and create the matrix was control of the media, but in this internet age where everyone has an equal voice their matrix has been exposed and is falling apart. They are scared and have resorted to totalitarian censorship and financial terrorism to silence those who fight against them in this culture war. These dystopian tactics need to be legally challenged and fought against. Likewise, the post from Torba below expands on an earlier post we made about not financially supporting businesses and entities that are effectively engaging in cancel culture. #Resist

Meme Alert: Ambassadors Removed

I`ve got to say, the last kangaroo court impeachment inquiry hearing was as painful as watching a therapy session of the Dr Phil show. The democrat questioning focused mostly on Marie Yovanovitch, her firing, and how it made her feel, because as always- the left operates on emotion over reality. What did go unmentioned by the majority of mass media was that like the previous 2 witnesses, Yovanovitch admitted that she had no information about Trump committing any kind of bribery or crime. Perhaps that was why Adam Schiff interrupted the hearing to tell Yovanovitch that President Trump was currently tweeting “mean things” about her. Knowing that Yovanovitch had no way of knowing that these “mean tweets” were taking place as she was in the middle of a hearing, Schiff then went on to claim (without a foundation) that this was witness intimidation. But I guess when you know your Ukraine hoax hearing is tanking you throw “witness intimidation” against the wall as your next hoax to see if it sticks.

What was curiously left out of most mass media reports complaining that Trump fired her was that in 2008 when Obama took office that he fired all of Bush`s ambassadors. Another curious omission was that she admitted that Ukraine was a very corrupt country with all the power and money being held in the hands of 6 or 7 people. She also admitted that Trump`s concerns into this corruption was legitimized when she stated that a probe between Barisma and Biden was started under Obama`s administration.

In closing, as you sat there watching Yovanovitch and the democrats go through her feelings and how bad it felt, think of what Ambassador Stevens was going through before he was brutally murdered by radical Islamic terrorists after begging for back up that never came.

President Trump Retweets Tweet From 44, Exposing Hypocrisy On Immigration & Border Security

In all seriousness, President Trump is the best thing to happen to conservative politics and the Republican party in general in modern time. Unlike the low energy Republicans and conservatives in general who until now showed no backbone whatsoever and would run, cower, grovel and apologize when attacked by Democrats or mass media, he is a man who not only does not back down when attacked but hits back twice as hard. He has demonstrated that when you break the hold political correctness holds over you you’ve won, and Trump got the snowball rolling.

This here is yet another example of President Trump showing how you need to play the game with this retweet of an old tweet from Obama, “the only president to have never had a scandal“. Once again, and as we discussed here, it shows the complete hypocrisy of the democrat party and exposes them as just being the anti Trump obstructionists they are.

Quotes: Rush Limbaugh- The Democrat Party Doesn`t Care About People

Using the quote from Bill Maher the other day in which he hoped that the American economy would crash and Americans would be broke and bankrupt just to get rid of President Trump, I noted that this was evidence that left does not care about people of any color or background, that they only care about power. It`s a theme we`ve posted about many times in our blog, and now I`ve come across two articles taken from Rush Limbaugh`s radio show that lays this out even more. I`m going to pull a couple quotes from them, but you should read the entire posts for a full context. They can be found here (The Epic Trump Economic Turnaround) and here (The Democrat Party Doesn’t Care About People).

“The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass of dependent people to continue to vote to prop Democrats up, and they need more and more of those as people escape lower levels of the middle class or poverty to become more self-reliant.  Self-reliance is the biggest enemy the Democrat Party has, and they need to keep supplying the country with essentially a number of people every year that will equate to a permanent underclass that will constantly elect them.  That’s why they’re registering illegals to vote with driver’s licenses sign-ups, so forth.  So they do want to eliminate the capitalist infrastructure of this country.”

“Obama’s policies were oriented toward stagnation, massively growing government, taking as much capital out of the private sector as possible and transferring it to government programs.

Make no mistake: The open-borders aspect of the Obama administration — flooding the job market with people who cannot speak the language, cannot read, do not have any skills, all of this — was oriented towards stagnating the U.S. economy. Now, I realize many people (particularly who may be new in the audience) are asking, “Why would anybody want to do that? Why would any American want to slow down the U.S. economy?”

I admit, it’s a tough thing to convince people that’s true. But don’t doubt me. Their reasons for doing things of that nature have nothing to do with you. It’s not because they care about people. All of these things you think about the Democrat Party and the American left are mostly wrong. They are into power and control, and the more dependent people are — the more people cannot get by, by way of their own efforts — the more power the Democrat Party and the American left can accumulate. It’s no more complicated than that.”

Among other things, he goes on to make another point that we`ve stressed- the point that the left gets support for their policies because they operate on emotion and not logic. (And this is the reason they shut down free speech instead of engaging in civilized debate, they know they cannot defend their ideas logically)

“You tell ’em you’re engaging in social justice for equality and fairness and to right all these previous injustices that began with the founding of the country from slavery forward. You create the idea that what you’re literally doing is establishing a utopia, where there will be no judgmentalism and there will be no unhappiness and there will be no unfairness and there will be no inequality, and there won’t be any of the things that upset people.  That’s how you attract the young.  It’s working on college campus like a dream right now.”

Again, I`d encourage you to read the full posts linked above for a complete context

Bill Maher Wants Americans Bankrupt & Financially Ruined Because He Opposes Trump

If you thought Nancy Pelosi stating that Americans getting a tax cut was nothing more than getting crumbs was indicative of how little the elite / liberal left really feel about Americans, Bill Maher has way outdone her. In some kind of liberal  logic, Bill Maher has stated that Trump is destroying our democracy so he therefore wishes for a recession in order to remove him. It`s unclear however what he thinks Trump is doing that is destroying our democracy. Is it enforcing our immigration laws? Is it exposing corruption and abuses of power in the upper echelon of our law enforcement agencies? Did he use the IRS to target his political foes as the last administration did? Did he use officials to spy on and unmask people involved in an opposing campaign like the last administration did? Is it wanting people to be patriotic and salute the flag honoring those who have died for our freedoms? Is it growing and strengthening the economy? I`d make a bet that it has nothing to do with his concern for our democracy, but that he is most upset that Trump doesn`t back down to the left.

As far as the economy, the last President stacked on regulation after regulation hurting and killing businesses, then declared in his magic wand speech that the jobs that left were not coming back. On top of this he did his best to ruin Americans financially with his socialist policies, most notably a tax in the form of Obamacare. Despite this America did manage to scratch and claw it`s way out of the 2008 recession. You remember that recession, where the economy crashed, and people lost their businesses and homes. That was kicked off by the failure of Bill Clinton`s Community Reinvestment Act– another democrat socialist policy. Anyway, Bill Maher wants to take us back to that recession. Forget the current record low unemployment numbers for all Americans including blacks and Latinos, the record gdp and stock market growth, the highest consumer confidence in 18 years, the deregulations that have allowed businesses to grow, the tax cuts, and so on and so on. Bill Maher (who is worth millions himself) wants to take all of that away and leave Americans suffering and bankrupt under another recession just because he opposes President Trump. Unsurprisingly, this is the mentality most democrats and leftists in general have. It shows they do not care about Americans of any color or background. They only care about being in power.

Dat Legacy: The Watergate Analogy Applies To Obama, Not Trump

“Dat Legacy” is the series we`ve done exposing scandals from “the only president to have never had a scandal”. You can read previous posts here. Today`s post has to do with the Watergate analogy. The excerpt below is from Rush Limbaugh`s site and is a transcript from a segment he did on his daily radio show. You can read the full post here

The Barack Obama administration not only tried to bug the Trump campaign, they succeeded. The Obama administration succeeded in planting an informant in the Trump campaign.

This, we know.

It’s been confirmed.

We don’t know who, but we know that it happened. We don’t know the timing yet. We don’t know at what stage of the campaign the informant was planted in the Trump campaign, but we know that it happened. We know that the Obama administration used a political opposition research document, the Steele dossier, and they tried to make it appear as though it was legitimate and real intelligence. And it was all fake. It was made up.

None of it corroborated.

None of it verified.

This, too, was ordered by people in the Obama administration. So if you want to draw a Watergate parallel, you have to draw the parallel not to Trump. Trump hasn’t bugged anybody. Trump has not planted listening devices. Trump does not have informants. He did not have informants in the Hillary campaign. That was all Obama! Nixon’s Plumbers, they left a bug inside the headquarters; it didn’t work. Obama put an actual human being in Trump’s campaign! Nixon knew nothing about the Plumbers.

Dat Legacy: Obama Derails Hezbollah Investigation In Order To Send Money To Iran

In the past we`ve been making posts exposing the scandals of “The only president to have never had a scandal”. We`ve been calling them- Dat Legacy. View those here. Now that 44 and his collaborators are out of office and aren`t able to cover things up anymore, more and more corruption is being exposed everyday. One of the latest posted below

Via Daily Wire:

A bombshell report from Politico released on Sunday revealed that the Obama administration intentionally derailed a massive federal investigation into the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah so that they could pass the Iran deal. One federal agent said that Obama’s actions allowed Hezbollah “to become one of the biggest transnational organized crime groups in the world.”

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11 Times Barack Obama Compared Slaves To Immigrants

11 Times Barack Obama Compared Slaves To Immigrants

This week, liberals savagely mocked Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson for allegedly comparing slaves to immigrants. It looks like they’ve completely forgotten about all the times Barack Obama did the exact same thing.

While speaking to a group of employees at his department on Monday, Carson said: “There were other immigrants who came in the bottom of slave ships, who worked even longer, even harder, for less, but they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

His comment quickly ignited a firestorm among critics.

The funny thing is, Obama has made very similar comments numerous times in the past.

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