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NBA To Assign ‘Adversity Score’ To Pudgy White Guys Who Want To Play Professional Basketball

Before we start, it should be noted that this article is from the Babylon Bee which is a satire site. Nevertheless, when you look at what constitutes equality today and realize that it is about awarding people who are less qualified for positions over those who actually qualify, I see no reason why this shouldn’t be a real thing… in the name of equality of course.

NBA To Assign ‘Adversity Score’ To Pudgy White Guys Who Want To Play Professional Basketball

U.S.—The NBA announced Friday that for the upcoming basketball season, the league will be assigning an “adversity score” to overweight white dudes to help more of them get signed with professional basketball teams.

The score will take into account many environmental and biological factors, like the fact that they’re white guys who can’t jump and get winded while walking up a small flight of stairs. It will also take into account the fact that they don’t know anything about the fundamentals of the game and tend to shout things like “I’m open! Hey, I’m open!” even when they’re clearly not open. Finally, white dudes who scarf down whole bags of Cheetos daily, drink a six-pack of beer every night, and haven’t exercised in years will receive a “considerable boost” from the new weighted point system.

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While being satire, the article is obviously inspired by the very real new “SAT Adversity Score” being implemented for students applying to college. Instead of accepting those who are most qualified and get the highest SAT score, this adversity score will award points based on the students neighborhood, family life and economic background. With all the outrage over a few parents who paid to have their kids admitted into colleges, policies like this adversity score as well as affirmative action policies that already discriminate against White and Asian students are much bigger discrimination policies. What makes them worse is that they are government mandated. They need to be challenged.

Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!

Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!

Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism and social injustice wherever it rears it`s ugly head. The latest outrages have been identified and the lines have been drawn. What`s up next for the sjw mob? It`s blackface photos. In keeping with the national outrage of Virginia`s democrat leaders and the blackface scandal, social justice warriors across the nation have begun going back in history digging up age old photos of people in blackface. One such instance that has made the news locally is of Shani Kalua, a freshman at The University Of Maryland College Park, who says she “went on a mission at work to find blackface in old UMD yearbooks...”. The story as posted by Channel 13 (who also did an exaggerated story about nooses and racism) is headlined “UMD Under Fire After Student Finds Yearbook Pictures Of Students In Blackface“. What is fails to mention is that the pictures are from the 60`s and 70`s and have nothing to do with the college or anyone involved with it today. On the other hand, UMD has had a recent history of fake hate crimes from black students. Nevertheless, we can`t let a story on white racism go to waste. Great job local media and Social Justice Warriors of the world!

Believe Women. Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax Accused Of Sexual Assault

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Believe Women. Virginia Lt. Governor Accused Of Sexual Assault

Remember the rush to judgement when charges of sexual assault came out Brett Kavanaugh, Roy Moore, Donald Trump, etc? Remember when Democrat Sen. Hirono said “I just want to say to the men of this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change.” “Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard, but they need to be believed. They need to be believed,”

Remember the non stop news coverage, the paid protestors storming the hearings, demands for an FBI investigation, the demand that he not be confirmed, all because of an unverified accusation? Well democrats don`t seem to like those rules when the shoe is on the other foot. They did what they could to sweep it under the rug when it was Keith Ellison who was accused, and they are doing it again now that Virginia`s Lt. Governor is being accused. These accusations have come after Virginia`s Governor Ralph Northam has been wrapped up in scandals after endorsing infanticide as well as being accused of being in a “racist” photo and is facing demands to step down. Ironically there have been several democrat leaders who have said that there should not be a rush to judgement. Of course if it weren`t for double standards the left wouldn`t have any standards at all.

Look guys, you`ve got two of the most horrific things that democrats say people can be accused of- sexual assault allegations and racism. When you set the rules you need to abide by them. Those being accused need to not only be fully investigated, but they need to step down.

As a side note, I find it funny that the woman accusing the Democrat Fairfax has hired the same law firm that represented Christina Blasey Ford in her case against Brett Kavanaugh.

Jeffery Shaun King & The Race Hustlers Get Egg On Their Face Over False Story Of White Man Shooting A Black Kid

Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) has gone and done it again. He`s pushed yet another story riling up everyone over white racism when white racism had nothing to do with it. The story is of 7 year old Jazmine Barnes who tragically was shot and killed while riding with her mom and sisters early last Sunday morning. The description of the shooter was a white man with blue eyes in a red truck and led many including Jazmine`s mom to jump to the conclusion that this was a hate crime.

While ignoring other stories of black children, teenagers, adults and even black cops across the country that are killed in violence in inner cities, Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) immediately jumped on this. Everyday in between his vacation pics and anti semitic stories about how Chuck Schumer is “evil” for introducing a bi partisan bill in defense of Israel, there were posts in remembrance of Jazmine, stories of how he was talking to her parents, stories about what she wanted to be when she grew up, etc. I may be wrong but I don`t remember any of these stories for 7 year old Taylor Hayes who was shot and killed in the same fashion here in Baltimore last summer, or for her 5 year old sister who was shot a few months later.

Along with Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain), the Jazmine Barnes story led to people across the country including Shaquille O’Neal, Houston Texans star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and more speaking out and pledging financial support. Ultimately $100,000 was raised in just a week in support of her family and to help find the “white racist killer”. There was even a rally organized that fast to get “Justice for Jazmine” with a “strong turnout from the community”.

As to whether or not this was a hate crime U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said “However it is defined, it is a hateful and vicious act with violence and guns on innocent women and children driving for a Sunday morning coffee break,” “That should not be acceptable in this country.” In a conference with the sheriff, Attorney Lee Merrit said “There was no other justification or the motivation that the family could identify, other than a white male who was a complete stranger to them decided to target their family,” “He had a chance to look into the car, see young girls, observe that family, and without any other explanation he decided to riddle the car with bullets,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez himself said they were focused “on identifying who this individual is, who this coward is

As it turns out, the white man with blue eyes in the red truck just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and the gunshots actually came from another vehicle. Two black men, 20 year old Eric Black and 24 year old Larry Woodruffe have been arrested and charged with her murder. Apparently neither of them have any connection to Jazmine`s family and that this was a case of mistaken identity in a possible gang hit.

So, once again the race hustlers and mass media got egg on their face pushing another story about racism and hate crimes while exposing their double standards on racism and hate crimes. In reference to Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain), we have put up several posts here where he has done this in the past while at the same time being a horrible “activist” for the black community itself. People need to start calling him out and questioning his real motives as to whether he is there to help the black community, to cause division between the races, or just to profit from it all.

The Real Losers In The Serena / Osaka Match Is The Cry Baby Left

The story came through my face book this morning- “It`s Shameful What U.S. Open Did To Naomi Osaka“. I read through it taken back by the events that they described- Serena`s horrible attitude towards the ref and back and forth arguing with him, the throwing of her racket and finally the disrespect given to the young competitor who beat her, but I didn`t really pay much more attention until not long after when I started seeing stories blaming Serena`s loss on sexism. As it turns out, what should have been a congratulatory day for Naomi Osaka, the 20 year old who became the first Japanese woman ever to win the Grand Slam singles, turned into day filled with accusations of sexism attempting to invalidate Osaka`s win. Yes, the cry baby left somehow claims that even though the match was between two women, that somehow sexism on the part of the ref was to blame in her loss. I can only imagine how much more pathetic the melt down would be had Serena`s opponent been white, or in the case of the ref – “A F*cking White Male!”.

Watching the left pick sides in a match between two people of color is kind of ironic. In the end however, it`s pretty obvious that they are using sexism because ultimately they are upset that a black woman didn`t get to tie a White woman`s record, and that is one statue that will now remain standing.

Female Ethiopian Immigrant Kicked Out Of Restaurant. National Media & SJW`s Silent

This is another one of those stories in which a person of color is allegedly assaulted and denied service at a restaurant, yet their story gets completely ignored by the mainstream media as well as the social justice community because it doesn`t fit their narrative. After the fake Starbuck`s story about black men being arrested for being black, a national conversation was imposed on us all by our leftist overlords dealing with tolerance for poc and their dining experiences. In this case however, an Ethiopian immigrant named Jalele and her friends were kicked out of a restaurant and refused back in by a white doorman. While he claims it was because they were cut off from drinking, she alleges it was because of her Trump hat and uses her previous exchanges between customers and staff to back this up. This story was originally posted on Milo Yiannopoulos`s site. I did a google search to look up more information but I found absolutely zero other articles about it. It`s kind of funny that a man like Milo whom the left calls a racist nazi is the only one reporting on a black Ethiopian woman being kicked out of a restaurant.

An almost identical story happened to a man named Eugenoir Joseph who was assaulted in a Florida Cheesecake Factory restaurant for wearing a MAGA hat. His story received no national outrage from the alt left media outlets or the social justice community either.

Another black female was harassed so bad by the tolerant left that she ultimately deleted her twitter account, and the harassment another woman received from the tolerant left led her ultimately to commit suicide. None of these people seem to be worthy enough for mass media or the social justice community, which just proves they do not care about people, they only care about their totalitarian agenda. You can read the entire story about Jalale here as well as her being assaulted by antifa and being dumped by her boyfriend for supporting Trump.

Jeffery Shaun King Does More Harm Than Good For The Black Community. Is He Controlled Opposition?

Jeffery Shaun King (who has been accused of being a white guy pretending to be black in order to exploit race issues for financial gain) claims to be an activist for the black community. Instead of a real activist that would work to better the black community in the way that Candace Owens is, in the post shown below as well as several others he continuously makes attempts to absolve criminality instead of condemning it. With “activists” like him it’s no wonder things aren’t getting any better. His followers should start questioning what his real agenda is and asking who he works for.

The Real Life 2 Minutes Hate: False Accusations Of Racism Leads To Random White Guy Being Beaten By Mob

A horrific murder that took place at an Oakland BART in which a white man stabbed 2 black women unsurprisingly has black activists and social justice warriors screaming racism. This, as usual, is before any facts are known about John Cowell, the man arrested for the murder. What we do know is that 27 year old John Cowell is described as a transient with a history of arrests. His family also says that he’s suffered from mental illness most of his life and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. However, before a motive has been established or any other facts are known about John, the alt left community has immediately blamed racism and white supremacy and are accusing John of being a member of the Proud Boys. A similar story happened here in Maryland involving Sean Urbanski, a white guy who stabbed and killed a black guy. This was immediately called a racist hate crime and he was tried and convicted with the help of the local news outlets before any motive was known. That story here. But, for the record, The Proud Boys aren`t even a racially oriented group. It is a Patriotic fraternity made up of people of all races and religions. Lets not let facts get in the way of social justice however. Alt left activists including mayoral candidate Cat Brooks riled up the outrage by making the false statement that the attack was not “random,” but part of the “year-long invasions by white supremacists and fascists coming to the Town,”. The stabbing occurred on the eve of a planned white supremacist “Proud Boys” gathering scheduled for Monday and August 5, which has further incited the speculation that the attack was a premeditated hate crime. Later the rumor spread that the Proud Boys were getting together at a local bar was allegedly spread by Oakland`s mayor herself. This led to the formation of a violent mob who went to the bar looking to attack them. Of course with this being just an online rumor no one from the group was there so instead the violent mob singled out a random white guy who was wearing a shirt with an American flag on it and began to attack and beat him. As it turns out the guy they singled out and beat for being a “nazi” is actually a foster father to 2 African American girls.

Nice work guys, your incessant hunt to find a non existent boogey man led to an innocent man being beaten. This misdirected anger and fury is the left`s equivalent of the 2 minutes hate from the George Orwell novel 1984. In it, the 2 minutes hate is a daily period in which Party members of the society of Oceania must watch a film depicting the Party’s enemies and express their hatred for them for exactly two minutes. It is used to to direct the anger of the people of Oceania towards the party`s enemies rather than the party`s own failures to the people. As Orwell states “The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretense was always unnecessary. A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic. And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.” Sound familiar? Democrats and the social justice warrior left use racism and white supremacy as their 2 minutes hate. They tell you about this racism and white supremacy daily to keep that hate going in you, to make you furious, to cloud out any other way of thinking, and this is how they control you.

As a side note, in a similar instance just last week, a Patriotic group called the Oath Keepers which is made up of former military and law enforcement officers of all races and religions, had planned to protest against Maxine Water`s violent divisive rhetoric. The protest never came to be but a violent mob of her supporters formed outside her office anyway. During their 2 minutes hate, a truck with two white guys drove by that had an American flag flying in the back. Her supporters blocked the road stopping the truck and ripped the flag from it. Her supporters then lit it on fire while screaming black power. The irony in these and many other similar stories is that the left says they are against racism, but stuff like this is how you create racism. Your 2 minutes hate is doing more to instill a sense of identity in people than any white supremacist group ever has.

College`s Vow To Continue To Use Discrimination In Admission Policies

No matter how you try to spin it, discrimination is discrimination. The Justice department recognizes this and has rescinded the governments guidelines on affirmative action. Nevertheless many colleges have vowed to continue to discriminate in order to achieve diversity. Dartmouth College has issued a statement saying in part that “Affirmative action is a proven method of promoting diversity on our campus…“. This is a curious statement. Are they admitting that diversity cannot be achieved based on the academic achievements of the students and that they need a handicap like affirmative action? That sounds racist in itself.

While whites are assumed to be the ones most hurt by affirmative action laws, Asians are also at the top of the discrimination list. They generally score higher and have higher gpa`s and because of this they are given more hurdles when it comes to admission. There is currently a lawsuit against Harvard for discrimination against Asian Americans in admissions.

White Americans are also still being openly targeted in college admissions. Campus Reform has an article here with several examples including Cal Poly who said that reducing the number of white students from 63% to under 55% is not far enough. They state that the population of the school must reflect the demographics of California. This brings me back to a quote that I came up with years ago- “Affirmative action is created to displace whites to give equal opportunities to minorities. Once these minorities become majority we are told things must be representative of their population. Get it yet?”