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Leftist Mob Attacks Rand Paul In Breonna Taylor’s Name Despite His Legislation Named For Her

Despite mass media covering the RNC (in a most unfavorably way) breaking down the speeches and giving their biased opinions on them, demanding people be charged for the Hatch Act, and generally just whining because it was so impressive and the dnc could not compete with it all, the one thing they did not cover was the violent mob outside the White House. Twitter users on the other hand were documenting them and I’ve linked to a couple below.

Video 1: Don’t do drugs kids :

Video 2: Look at this thing yelling in the face of this little old lady

Video 3: Rand Paul gets assaulted by mob in Breonna Taylor’s name.

What’s ironic about this is that he introduced a bill again no knock warrants in her name. The Kyle Kashuv tweet below sums the leftist mentality up.

As for Taylor, USA Today has an article here detailing more about her case and her links to Jemarcus Glover. While the Taylor case has made national news and support there has been nothing about the death of Duncan Lemp who was killed the same way in Maryland. Why not? Is there some kind of agenda going on?