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Totalitarianism: Facebook Allegedly Targets Candace Owens For The Memory Hole

A recent message from Candace Owens states that an internal memo leaked by a Facebook employee has placed her on a “Hate Agents” list and targeted her for the Memory Hole.

“IMPORTANT!!! Many of you that follow me are aware, but yesterday Facebook attempted to ban me from their platform for posting that statistics of father absence in the black community and how it correlates to household poverty.
Fortunately, after making a ton of noise on Twitter, Facebook reversed the suspension.
However— yesterday an employee of Facebook contacted Breitbart News and leaked an internal memo, revealing that Facebook is offering “extra credit” to employees that can figure out how to segregate me from their platform. This is SERIOUS and Facebook has already confirmed that the document in question is real.
I am considering legal action, but in the interim, I need everyone to share this status update far and wide.
Social media companies are actively attempting to meddle in the 2020 election by silencing voices that are effective against exposing the lies of liberals.”

Others who have recently had their online footprint wiped out include Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Louis Farrakhan and James Woods. It should be noted that of those 5 people you have 2 who are Jewish, one who is gay and one who is black. Totalitarianism does not care what race you are, what gender you are, or what nationality you are. Never forget that the left never stops moving the goal post. Unless you fight against these dystopian tactics you will be next. #Resist

The Violent Left: Man Threatens To Murder Rand Paul`s Children

Egged on by reckless rhetoric from mass media and democrat officials like Low IQ Maxine Waters, the last 2 years has seen a disturbing increase in violence from the left. There`s been people mailing suspicious powders to elected officials and their families, attacks from alt left terrorists like antifa, threats against elected officials and their families, and even the attempted murder of elected officials. We posted last month about the man arrested for threatening to kill the children of a Florida Republican rep, and now another man has been arrested for making violent threats towards elected officials. Nathanial Blaine Luffman, a resident of Berkeley “was arrested on suspicion of threatening a federal official last week, just days after he allegedly wrote to a member of Congress he would “gut you like a hog”. Luffman allegedly wrote emails and sent voicemails to the official. His email told the victim he’d “gut you like a hog” and leave “your kids bowels splayed out across floor blood spattered on the door as you lay dead,” police said. He also used the hashtag #ObamaForLife in his threats and referred to Obama as Papa Obama.

In the charging documents the victim`s name is left blank, but Senator Rand Paul tweeted that he was grateful that Capital Police have arrested the man who threatened his family. For some reason mass media has been pretty quite in reporting these stories. Had they been the other way around I`m sure they`d be getting prime time coverage. It should be noted that Rand Paul was attacked by his neighbor last year as well which resulted in six broken ribs and a damaged lung. In the reporting on that story, MSNBC host Kasie Hunt said it was one of her favorite stories.

The left is becoming completely unhinged and more and more violent. This is their boomerang. Will they learn their lesson before it escalates to a point of no return? If you’re on the left and see the damage being caused by their violent rhetoric and actions, look up the #WalkAway Campaign and encourage others to #Resist their agenda before it`s too late..

Trump Assassination Play Interrupted. Resist

They call it the resistance, what it really is is a violent reaction to the democratic process when it doesn`t go in their favor. It is also a violent reaction to speech that they do not like while at the same time espousing violence and obscenities in their own speech. Now a new resistance is taking shape by those tired of the left`s violence and anti American rhetoric. We`ve seen it with the counter protestors who confront the violent terrorist antifa hordes who attack people at rallies, we see it in the people who confront democrats at town halls, we see it in the voting booth, and now we see it in confronting the left`s own violent speech. A play based on Julius Ceasar that depicts the assassination of President Trump was interrupted by Laura Loomer of Rebel Media who took the stage shouting “Stop leftist violence!”. It was filmed by Jack Posobiec also of Rebel Media who shouted “You’re all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels”. Two days later on it`s closing night the show was interrupted again by protestors who took the stage yelling “Liberal hate kills!” and “Goebbels would be proud”.

Not to just hit them in person, after being put on blast by media outlets Fox and Breitbart, Bank of America and Delta pulled out of sponsorship of the play.

On a personal note, we don`t agree with censorship or other underhanded tactics used by the left in the suppression of speech etc, but they have set the rules and are now getting a taste of their own medicine. This trend can go two ways- it can show the left the error of their ways, or the new resistance can keep growing and piling on the heat. #Resist

Oakland Police Ally with Antifa Terrorists to Stop Marduk Show

Recently democrats and the left whined and bitched about President Trump`s possibility of defunding the National Endowment of the Arts. What`s ironic is that at the same time they themselves actively try to censor art and music that they do not approve of. Once again (and the reason everyone hates antifa) using the threat of violence, democrats and the fascist “anti fascists” have shut down an event they have deemed verboten. What`s even worse is the lack of backbone by those targeted in standing up to their fascist dictates and the threats of violence they use to censor art and music. One has to wonder if this lack of backbone is actually willing collusion. The depth of leftist infiltration in societies institutions has never been more apparent than now. It has gone from somewhat masked and subtle to blatant and obvious. From the outright hatred and bias coming from mass media, to business owners of major chains who make decisions to discontinue products based on their politics, to the mayors and politicians who order police to stand aside so democrats can riot with impunity. It is clear there is a multi faceted stranglehold on America by people who want to dictate how you live your life and what you are allowed to think. This stranglehold needs to be challenged. Get active in grassroots organizations, creating media music and art, as well as local politics.

Oakland Police Ally with Antifa Terrorists to Stop Marduk Show

The Oakland Police Department allied with antifascist and communist terrorists to get the Oakland Metro Operahouse to cancel Marduk‘s booked show with Incantation there today on February 18th according to a post on the venue’s Facebook page. Antifascists and communists had previously vowed to attack Marduk’s planned gigs in Oakland and Austin.

    In the last week we have read interview after interview with Marduk spanning over the last 20 years and found no statements indicating the band are white supremacists, nationalists, or anti-immigrant. That being said, we don’t want to subject our security staff, venue staff or the public to violence. Our staff is almost exclusively POC and/or LBGTQ and they have all expressed the desire to work, but as we are getting threats, we just can’t risk it. So, in the interest of safety, and because the Oakland Police Department would have insisted anyway, we have canceled the Marduk performance on Feb 18.

    The Oakland Police Department has decided in the interest of public safety that the Marduk show on Saturday, February 18 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse be cancelled. Refunds at point of purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

According to the comments section, the Oakland Police Department told the venue that they “would not give the venue a permit to let the band play.” even if the Oakland Metro Operahouse tried to go through with the show. Apparently the Oakland Police Department are okay with allowing continuous violent protests against police from groups like Black Lives Matter but refuse to allow a caveman, beercore “black metal” band to play in the city due to their use of World War II imagery.

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Sarah Silverman Sees Swastikas Where There Aren`t Any

This is exemplary of the leftist state of mind. It is a result of cultural marxist programming used to control people to achieve their agenda, to make them think that everywhere they go people are out to get them. It is an unhealthy agenda that results in a miserable existence by making you paranoid that you think everyone is out to get you. #Resist the propaganda and refuse to play into the cultural marxist agenda. Her tweet and some humorous replies here

Democrat Mayor Says Of Immigration- “Enough Is Enough”

Good for him for breaking rank with the leftist / democrat agenda in order to effectively govern his city


‘Enough is enough’: Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno critical of new ‘influx’ of refugees to city

SPRINGFIELD — Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, after learning that several refugee families are expected to arrive in the Springfield area this week, has renewed criticism of local resettlement agencies, saying “enough is enough.”

In a prepared release, Sarno raised a series of questions about the arrival, saying he had received no advance communication from the Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts, the resettlement agency.

“Once again, these resettlement agencies with no prior contact and/or coordination efforts with our city departments, use our Springfield as their ‘designated resettlement site,'” Sarno said. “Yet when these resettlement agencies are asked to assist these families in need in their own cities and/or towns — they state they do not have the capacity. Maybe they should try to create their own capacity.”